Twin Flame Soul Expansion, Genesis and Revelation 12

by Janet IG
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Twin Flame Soul Expansion, Twin Flames, Adam and Eve, Genesis and Revelation 12,

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I recently came across the twin flame soul expansion topic and decided to write about this phenomenon as well as put some missing pieces together.

Twin flame soul expansion is an extremely rare but very important event in cosmic realms.

At the beginning of creation, God had a strong desire to extend His Love through His Creation. He then expanded Itself and created a new being – a big new soul from that Self. That big soul was created whole and contained divine masculine and divine feminine halves within itself.

That big soul expanded again creating million new souls. These newly created souls were angelic beings of different shapes and forms with both masculine and feminine attributes. They were extremely bright beings radiating powerful energy of high frequency.

After the earth was created, these big souls were split into two or more halves called Twin Flames just like an embryo that splits to form identical twins. Since then, divine feminine and divine masculine became a template of creation on earth.

God Creator expanded with a purpose of working through us, to show His different personalities, to express Himself through His creation, just like an artist expressing himself through his work. But the main reason He expanded is to love His creation as any parent would.


Twin Flame Soul Expansion

As I mentioned in my previous posts, twin flames are created at the birth of our Higher Soul or Higher Self. Higher Souls are more connected to God and essentially have divine masculine and divine feminine energy.

If the Soul is young it would split into two Flames. Old souls split into three or more Flames. When it comes to the soul connection or a mirrored soul, twin flames (also known as Soul Twin or Twin Soul) are two halves of the same soul incarnated in two separate human bodies.

Only two Flames can be incarnated on earth simultaneously. If a twin flame pair has additional Flames, they usually reside in Heavenly realms in a spirit form, patiently waiting for the reunion.

What is the twin flame soul expansion?

When all separated Flames of the same Higher Soul reunite simultaneously with each other, the Higher Soul becomes whole again, gets bigger, expands, and eventually “give birth” to a new Higher Soul from that Self.

Some compare this process to a seed that is spreading and creating more flowers as it germinates.

This twin flame soul expansion and the birth of a new soul is an extremely rare event. It only happens to those who have reached a higher energy frequency or level of consciousness.


Back To The Garden: Twin Soul Separation

The events that happened in Genesis 1:27 strongly resemble a twin flame split followed by a twin flame reunion described in Revelation 12.

Adam, the first man created both male and female in God’s image, was initially created whole.

God created man in his own image, in the image of God created He him; male and female created He them. (Genesis 1:27) Male and female created He them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created. (Genesis 5:1)

Adam was created in God’s image. In the original Hebrew text, the name Elohim is a feminine word (Eloah- Goddess) with a masculine plural suffix (-im). In Hebrew, the -aoh, -oh, or -ah suffix makes the word feminine. In Aramaic, the word Abwoon is similarly gender-combined, meaning “Father-Mother.”

El (masculine) + Eloah (feminine) + im (plurality) = Elohim = Male and Female.

When Adam felt lonely, God put him into sleep, split his soul into divine masculine and the divine feminine, and formed a new female body of Eve. Eve was Adam’s twin flame and his wife.

There was also a Serpent in the garden who was smart and experienced. The Serpent was part of the rebellion against God and His laws.

Even though Adam and Eve were in charge of the land and its animals, most likely they were just the naive teenagers who couldn’t differentiate good from evil due to the lack of experience and knowledge. This is why it was very easy for the wicked and experienced Serpent to deceive them.

When Adam and Eve broke God’s commandment, God cursed the Serpent and put enmity between the Serpent and the woman, and also between his and her seed (Genesis 3:15).

God also made Eve feel excruciating pain while giving birth to her children and cursed the land Adam was supposed to inherit and take care of.


Revelation 12 And Soul Reunion

Twin Flame Soul Expansion, Twin Flames, Adam and Eve, Revelation 12, constellation, virgo, serpens, serpent, libra, arcturus, corvus, mars, leo, cancer, coma berenices, hydra, sextans, crater,

According to ancient Chinese cosmology, yin and yang is a combination of the two cosmic forces. Yin and yang symbolize dark-light, negative-positive and it is a concept of dualism in which opposite and contrary forces may complement each other, interconnect, and become interdependent.

The duality of yin and yang symbolizes an indivisible whole when bounded together as halves. When feminine energy interacts with the opposite masculine energy, their creative energy creates new souls and even new worlds.

Twin flame union is a perfect expression of the yin and yang definition. Some of the basic yin and yang aspects symbolize the following:

Yinfemale, the moon, passive, water, shaded orientation, concealed, hidden, soft, etc.

Yangmale, the sun, active, fire, open orientation, visible, hard, etc.

Each twin flame carries the essence of the other, allowing thoughts, emotions, and spiritual energies to blend together, gradually reaching balance and coming back to the state of the union that they were at the beginning of their creation.

So how this relates to the Revelation 12 and Genesis stories?

In Revelation Chapter 12, John sees a vision of a woman “clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head”.

This scene pretty much resembles the twin flame reunion process where the divine feminine (the moon under her feet) is merging with her divine masculine (clothed with the sun).

The woman was pregnant and she was about to give birth (soul expansion). She gave birth to a male child who was snatched up to God and His throne.

Some believe it was Mary giving birth to Jesus, but nowhere in the scriptures it says that Jesus has to be born again and go back to God’s throne as a newborn.

The Bible doesn’t say who was the father of the male child. It doesn’t even mention a Holy Spirit visitation and the power of the Most High, like it happened with virgin Mary. The scripture doesn’t say the male child will be called the Son of God like it was in Luke 35.

It’s pretty obvious that the woman from Revelation 12 was Eve because the Serpent was also there. For some reason, the Serpent doesn’t appear before any other woman in the Bible. He appears only next to Eve, always tormenting and harassing her.

Here are other indications the woman was Eve:

  1. She was in labor and it was painful (“in pain and sorrow thou shalt bring forth children” (Genesis 3:16)).
  2. There was a red dragon who stood before the woman. The red dragon was identified as a Serpent: “and the great dragon was cast out, that old Serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him” (Revelation 12:9).

The whole birth process resembles a twin flame soul expansion. It also indicates that it was not just a regular male child, but it was a big new Soul created by both divine masculine (Sun) and divine feminine (Moon) energies.

The male child resembles Adam who was initially created as a whole soul that was both masculine and feminine, before the split into Adam and Eve Flames.

In Adam’s time, people used to have very strong supernatural abilities and lived up to 900 years (Genesis 5:4). Eve’s soul was very ancient. Ancient souls usually have three or more Flames in separation that eventually reunite and merge together.

So in a way, a woman named Eve doesn’t exist anymore as a single entity. It is highly likely that God had to split and separate her soul into two or more Flames to weaken her extremely strong and powerful energy. In this case, “moon” can really represent two twin flames and “sun” can represent another group of flames.

There is not going to be a woman named “Eve” incarnated on earth. Instead, there will be a group of people who can be identified as “Eve”. If God could split Adam into two people, He can certainly split Eve into two or more people, souls or Flames.

Twin Flame Soul Expansion, Twin Flames, Adam and Eve, Genesis and Revelation 12,


This is why I believe Revelation 12 symbolizes Eve’s Higher Soul going through the merging (Sun and Moon) and expansion process (birth of the male child).

The scriptures also say that Serpent was angry at the woman. Was he angry at her for giving birth to the child? I am pretty sure the Serpent was already married, made love to his wife many times, and already have a few children.

Was the Serpent pissed at the whole reunion process and the extremely strong energy of light it was generating?

Or maybe Serpent really thought that any cowboy passing by can impregnate the “woman”?

It doesn’t work this way.

The twin flame soul expansion only happens at the appointed time to anointed people. It is an extremely rare event and happens only to mature and ancient souls when stars and planets are aligned in a certain way.

The twin flame soul expansion occurs only when all halves of the One Soul merge together. If the ancient soul has three or more twin flames, all Flames had to merge with each other simultaneously. Only then does the soul expansion happen and a new soul is formed.

In summary, the soul expansion is not going to happen with just two twins joined together or with any other random soul passing by. In order for the expansion to occur, all Twin Flames that belong to the same Soul must merge together.

And what about Eve? After all, she did eat that apple.

You see, when Eve was in the garden, her soul was whole and she was a truly powerful goddess. After the disaster in the garden, God decided to foolproof the whole thing and eventually split Eve’s big soul into two or more Flames to lower her high energies and reduce her superpowers to the minimum.

As the result, the disaster in the garden is not going to happen anymore and future humanity is saved.

When the Serpent assumes that any random cowboy can “eat that apple”, he is wrong.


Twin Flame Soul Expansion, Twin Flames, Adam and Eve, Revelation 12, constellation, virgo, serpens, serpent, libra, arcturus, corvus, mars, leo, cancer, coma berenices, hydra, sextans, crater,


So what advice I would give to the Serpent and people alike?

When you chase something that doesn’t exist, you are wasting your time.

Once the Serpent understands that “Eve” is a thing of the past and doesn’t exist anymore, I would suggest stopping chasing and severely harassing over something that is not there anymore. Instead, focus on what does exist around you.

Focus on what is truly real – your family and your soul.

If the Serpent has a family, and I am sure he is, he should pay more attention to his wife and his own children. Maybe by paying more attention to his dear wife and his daughter, they can take control into their own hands and finally take good care of the old Serpent.

And who knows, maybe after the proper care he would lose the desire to go after those who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus.

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