Seven Twin Flame Stages You Don’t Want To Miss

by Janet IG
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When I was trying to find information about twin flames and twin flame relationships many years ago, a lot of it was focused exclusively on the romantic side of things such as relationships or dating issues.

Other information covered self-improvement, self-love, and overcoming various personal issues such as fears, anxieties, insecurities that supposedly speed up Twin Flame reunion.

While it is always beneficial to examine and evaluate your character, work on old wounds and eventually heal them, very often, the sacred meaning of the twin flame union is overlooked.

Many are not in touch with their Spirit, their soul selves, resulting in a great disconnect between conscious awareness and the subconscious.

Twin flame partnership is not only about dating or romance, it is, first and foremost, about spiritual connection and connection with a Higher Soul. In order for the higher calling of a twin flame union to occur and function properly, I believe that connecting with our Higher Soul bridges the gap between conscious awareness and the subconscious.

I am going to explore the seven most common twin flame stages, look into the connection between each stage and how it can bring harmony into the twin flame union. It will also answer common questions such as ‘are twin flames meant to be together?’ or ‘can twin flames fall in love?’

Some stages are primarily associated with wonderful experiences, others can be emotionally tiring, but all of them are necessary parts of encountering the other half of yourself.


Stage One – The Meeting

The meeting stage is a preliminary stage when you will meet your twin flame. This stage is described as a special, unique, and life-altering event one can ever experience.

If you have a twin flame, you are fated to meet your twin at some point in your life. Both twin flames will go through that stage even if they are not aware of the term “twin flame”.

While there are a certain amount of people who long for that special someone missing from their lives, there are many others who don’t have that longing feeling for someone to feel “complete”.

In my case, for example, there was no need for someone else as I was already perfectly happy with everything. But it was a period of time when I developed a close relationship with God and was in love with His creation.

Typically you will meet your twin flame when your soul is mature enough, ready for expansion, and to help others. Your twin flame will inspire you to bring improvement, strength, happiness to yourself and others around you.

Not everyone is destined to meet their twin flame in this lifetime. One may come to Earth and the other may stay in the etheric realms. Very often twin flames meet each other on their last reincarnation.

Before the meeting, both twins experience unusual synchronicities and the meeting itself will happen unexpectedly.

When twins meet either online or in person, they experience very intense transformational energy which can be very dramatic. The energy is so powerful that many people around twin flames start to feel this powerful transforming love energy coming from above.

Both twins often experience a sudden rise of happiness and a state of euphoria. Some are shaken by the intensity of the bonding energy they feel. Twins will be pulled together like magnets and this energy will create a profound and life-altering sense of wholeness.


Stage Two – Twin Flame Recognition

In this stage, there will be a sense of recognition as if twin flames have known each other all their life, or have a feeling they are finally coming “home.”

One of the flames “recognizes” the other as if he already knew you from somewhere. He may even start jumping and waving his hands in excitement. In this stage, many twin flames spend more time getting to know each other with great interest and further develop their friendship or partnership.

Some may wonder how you “recognize” the person you never met before?

Twins may “recognize” each other by remembering episodes from their past lives, dreams, or simply by having a familiar feeling.

When I saw my twin flame for the first time, he did look familiar to me, but no matter how hard I tried to think where I might see him, I couldn’t figure it out.

Then, I recall one story from my childhood, told by a family member. When I was around 8 years of age, I told a family member that I have an invisible friend, a boy of my age, who visits me and plays hide and seek games (as a child I was highly clairvoyant and clairsentient and could see spirits until the certain age). The boy hid behind the curtains, made goofy faces, and pretended that he was my reflection.

My relative didn’t take my story seriously and thought I just had imaginary friends. These episodes happened right before my soul brother reincarnated on Earth and then they stopped.

Very often both twin flames are polar opposites of each other. If one twin is overly organized or responsible, the other twin flame is often messy, relaxed, and doesn’t have a sense of responsibility. While one twin can dramatize everything, the other may be a strong and calm person, his polar opposite.

The twin pair also may have a complementary combination of talents and skill sets that bring confidence and strength to reach their goals in life.

Unlike the more traditional idea of a soul mate relationship which is built on similarities between two people, a twin flame relationship is often based on differences rather than similarities.

Because your twin flame shares the same soul as you, they typically have very similar or exactly the same problems as you are, which will make you feel as if you are looking into a mirror.

Because your twin is your mirror, you will notice that they push you to be and do better. You will notice that your purposes are aligned in a way that both of you go through the big soul growth.

Twins may also mirror each other’s negative traits. One twin may share the same vulnerabilities and weaknesses that are similar to the other twin. If one twin has a fear of doing something, the other twin will be freaked out to do it too.

Twin flames’ birth dates may repeat the numbers or follow each other. When twin flames are born under one zodiac sign they both tend to have similarities in their personality. Both twins can mirror each other based on their characteristics of that sign, e.g., both love to be in charge of things, both can be stubborn, jealous, or even fight with each other.


Stage Three – Twin Flame Connection

Typically, in this stage twins get to know each other better, learn what they have in common, form a friendship connection, and support each other. Some twin flames love to spend a lot of time together talking for hours.

In this stage, each twin flame will gain some insights about who they truly are, what lies within the vastness of Creation, and most important of all, how it helps them strengthen their guidance and connection to God, the source of all that exists.

Twin flames both embody the yin and yang energies that are polar opposites of each other.

The yin is the feminine energy while the yang is masculine. They are both energetically intertwined and form a whole being. One side of the soul needs the missing part that the other side has and vice versa. The feminine side has a small part of the masculine, and within the masculine resides a small part of the feminine. This is why both sides always experience the magnetic pull.

Masculine energy is practical, creative, and visionary. When it is out of balance, it can take the form of conflict, control, and anger.

Feminine energy, on the other hand, is nurturing, intelligent, and intuitive when in balance with masculine energy. When it is out of balance, it is vulnerable and weak in its personal power. Thus, it is important for the masculine and feminine energies to stay balanced to create anything as no creation is possible without balance.

When two Flames come together, the relationship is very intense. However, just because there is a very powerful connection and energy between the two people, it doesn’t necessarily mean there is chemistry or sexual desire. It means that one half of the soul recognizes its missing part in the other half and wants to stay close, in a way as physical twins do. When two split souls are within a psychic range, they want nothing more than to rejoin again.

This connection is very similar to a relationship with God when part of the soul wants to be with God to feel complete. There is unconditional love, and not in a sexual way.

Twin flame experience is most and foremost mirroring the love of God who loves His creation. The type of love that exists in Heaven and is the basis of all creation.


Stage Four – The Runner and Chaser

Twin flames will be happy to see each other, but will part shortly after, overwhelmed by the intensity of a connection and not knowing what to do next. From there they usually move into the Runner and Chaser stage, and these roles get interchangeable.

Whether you will move to the Runner and Chaser stage or have a more traditional relationship is all depends on the maturity of your souls. While some relationships become stronger, others may decline. As the tension increases, it is common for one partner (or both) to distance themselves, stop communicating, feel defensive and resistant.

There are various reasons why twin flames split. Sometimes there is too much to cope with emotionally. Often times there is fear of the level of how close the other can get to you and how he unconsciously knows how to push your buttons.

This stage is usually very painful for the Chaser as it seems like someone is ripping his soul away. Since the Chaser is typically focused on a romantic side of the relationship, they believe that the bond is worth “fighting” for.

How long this stage will last depends, once again, on the spiritual maturity of both twin flames. The Chaser needs to learn to stop chasing, pushing, and “fighting” with the other.

There are quite a few examples of twin flame couples who managed to form a traditional soul mate-like relationship based on respect, equality, and healthy boundaries. They were able to balance each other out and experience the most loving and transformational partnership with a deep emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual connection.

The majority of twin flames, however, are not able to form a traditional relationship model in spite of having the most powerful connection on earth. There is usually not enough self-mastery to maintain a traditional relationship which can result in obsessiveness, co-dependency, and even toxic behavior.

In addition, not all twin flame individuals are destined to meet physically and live together. Oftentimes twin flames face various challenges, confusion, turmoil, and pain as the two have to work to balance out their energies. The connection stage itself can cause many broken hearts and enormous soul pain for many years.

It is very common that twin flames simply don’t have a soul agreement to live physically with each other and many continue to live with their beloved spouses. Everyone has soul contracts and they only can be broken once they are fulfilled. If one twin flame feels that they have a karmic relationship with their spouse to live and raise kids together, they should stay in this relationship until their soul agreement is fulfilled.

Twin flame partnership doesn’t have to match the traditional relationship model. Once twin flames free themselves from the stereotypical thinking about love, love expectations, dating, and more, they don’t have a fear of the loss anymore, they don’t feel abandoned and lonely.

When twin flames start to focus on a spiritual aspect of the relationship instead of the physical, they both grow and heal themselves from any pain and anxieties they may have. They can heal their broken heart, improve their self-esteem and confidence. They learn to follow their intuition and guidance from God instead of following their impulses and emotions.

I personally never viewed my twin flame as a “romantic partner” but as my soul brother. Even though he was my mirror, we have different lifestyles, beliefs, and expectations. We were each other’s opposites.

You and your twin flame can perfectly co-exist together on earth, a thousand miles apart, and still do important soul work.


Stage Five – Soul Realization

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The main reason why twin flames unite is to achieve oneness with the Higher Soul in God (Holy Father, Son, and Spirit). Our Higher Soul holds the history of all our experiences from the beginning of our existence, information of who we are, and our relationship with God.

When both twin flames are spiritually mature, their Higher Soul is ready for the union when the time is right. The timing is always scheduled by God, whether twins flames aware of it or not.

Both Twins are finely tuned to the energies of each other, they are highly empathic with each other, and both conscious of the feelings, emotions, and openness of their connection.

Part of reaching higher levels of our expansion involves merging with this part of us.  In order to accomplish this, we must undergo great healing to peel away at the layers to “release the old and make room for the new”.  This allows greater light to come into those areas where Loving Light previously was not present. The greater the amount of light coming in, the greater the activations causing a triggering of memories of lifetimes of experiences and innate abilities. – JOANNA SPANO

When Twins have balanced their masculine and feminine energies, they typically feel a sense of expansion within them, something larger than their limited identity. When the feeling of expansion occurs, it means they are close to Soul Realization and union with God.

There are different stages of Soul Realization. First flames need to realize that they are first and foremost a soul, a spiritual being of divine intelligence and love. Our thoughts and emotions are just products of the soul as well as our mind is just an instrument of the soul.

The next stage of soul realization is the experience of flames having union with the Higher Soul and the realization that there is no separation between you and your Higher Soul.

When you become God’s vessel and let God’s Spirit dwell in you, you will experience the following:

  • Peace, clarity, and calmness in the middle of a busy and chaotic work/home environment.
  • Letting go of old emotional baggage and creating positive changes in your life.
  • Using prayers to stay quiet and listen or feel guidance from God.
  • Experiencing the feeling of oneness with your Creator.

In this step, you learn that your soul and your Higher Soul are one. When you become one spirit with your Higher Soul, you become one spirit with your Creator.


Stage Six – Joining Of The Souls

Many say that you don’t need to have physical or sexual union with your twin flame and this is absolutely correct!

You can live on different continents and never see each other physically. For the majority of the twin flames, the experience can be solely spiritual.

Merging in love and happiness and/or uniting with your Higher Soul can be done through prayers, dreams, or just by daydreaming in a quiet place. Twin flames must be spiritually ready for the perfect timing set up by God, e.g. just follow signs from above and your intuition.

By attuning to the heart center, the energy of knowing, thinking, and feeling, both of the flames will feel connected with intense radiant warmth in their hearts. Their big loving heart center will radiate love, joy, and gratitude. The rest of the soul-bonding is done by the Creator who is a master of your soul transformation.

But he who is joined to the Lord becomes one spirit with him. -1 Corinthians 6:17

From there on you can celebrate your new “glorified” spiritual body and learn how to live with it. It feels truly phenomenal!

So what happens after the two twin souls merge with their Higher Soul?

All parts of the Higher Soul get intertwined in God Almighty. All parts of the Big Soul will be “glued” together with the energy of love. The energies of twin flames become inseparable.


twin flame quote

Once you reunite with your soul relative, your soul will have a sense of wholeness. Nothing on earth can separate the energies of two flames. You and your flame now have a “conjoined” soul for the rest of your lives.

Both flames are now connected to God as a big vessel that brings an enormous amount of light from Heaven. Their light takes over the bigger portion, absorbs and transmutes the dark, and raises the frequencies on the planet.

Unconditional love is the most powerful energy that created the universe. The more light twin flames bring to the planet through pure unconditional love, the faster our planet is going to shift from darkness into light.


Stage Seven – Life In Symbiosis

Eventually, both twin flames will settle into a very symbiotic existence. In nature, symbiosis in Greek means “existing together”. In the twin flame relationship, it is a permanent energy interaction between two different organisms. Energy symbiosis also means a union of the soul energy similar to a conjunctive symbiosis.

Similar to physically conjoined twins, spiritually conjoined twin flames live in a symbiotic mutualistic energy relationship for the rest of their lives. Just like the biologically identical twins can feel each other very well, conjoined soul twins share their energy with each other interchangeably.

The energy centers (aka chakras) of one twin flame intertwine with another. The energy of one floats around the energy of the other 24/7.

It truly feels like you are wearing a special “soul suit”.

The soul merging process is very similar to the concept of the nested dolls toy set:


The connection between flames is usually very strong to the point where one flame knows how to hear the soul of the other and they also learn how to hear their own soul. Both twin flames feel each other well from a distance and often share the same moods and physical symptoms. If one twin is in pain, the other one will have similar phantomlike sensations.

Twins become “energetically interchangeable” because they are able to know what the other twin is feeling without verbally saying it. This may cause one twin to be constantly hit with the emotions of the other twin. When one twin flame is depressed, the other will be hit hard by it as well.

This is a good opportunity for one twin flame to learn how to do a distance healing of the other twin. Asking God for healing through prayers is one of the powerful ways to do it.

It does take time to get used to this new conjoined spirit. It does feel bizarre and even scary at first, especially when you constantly feel your twin’s energy hovering and vibrating around your aura.

Many say it is an incredible feeling when they can feel their twin presence with them at all times. Once both twin flames balance their energies, feelings, and emotions, everything becomes much easier. There will be a sense of peace, acceptance, and mutual understanding.

After the reunion, the hard work is over. All you have to do now is to live and enjoy the sense of completeness. This is the stage where both twins accept their destiny together.

If twin flames decide to marry other people, there will be always a silent phantom of a “third”. There will be an invisible cord of light and shared energy linking them together in the spiritual realms.

But in general, when it comes to twin flame stages, the separation is a myth. Twin flames may be physically separate, marry other people, and live on different continents, but they are never separated in a spirit. Their souls are always connected because they are first and foremost, soul relatives.

Twin Flames meet for balance. When they unite they eventually balance their energy within each other and also bring balance into the world. It affects human consciousness as a whole.

Although the Twin Flame relationship brings a lot of pain and a lot of inner work to do, in the end, it is all worth it. Twin Flame love reunion is the most beautiful kind of love a person can experience. The type of love that brings you closer to God in every aspect.

I hope you enjoyed this article on the twin flame stages. If you have any further questions about twin flame stages, feel free to ask me in the comments section below!

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