Twin Flame Love Connection: Top 10 Reasons Why Twin Flames Unite

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Twin Flame Definition, Soul Mates, Twin Flame Love Connection. 10 Reasons Why Twin Flame Unite

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You have probably heard about the concept of the soul mate or twin flame love connection at some point in your life or even thought about meeting one someday.

There was used to be a lot of buzz around the topic but many people still wonder what the twin flames are.

Very often this term is mistakenly used when describing a typical romantic relationship, dating process, and some fancy term for love or upgrade from the old relationship.

Very often various labels are placed on regular relationships that simply didn’t work out for various reasons. When people mistakenly expect someone to be “the one” and the person didn’t meet certain expectations, it can cause a lot of pain and confusion in the end.

Every person and every love story is different and unique on its own. The twin flame journey can be the most overwhelming, disorientating, and sometimes even terrifying experience.

Everything can shape the twin flame experience and the quality of the relationship: the inherited behaviors that are passed down genetically, culture, habits, and general beliefs.

Although every twin flame journey is different and unique, there is a very common pattern that tends to emerge in these unions. I would like to share what the twin flame phenomenon truly is, what is the purpose of the twin flame reunion, common twin flame reunion stages, how to deal with separation, and much more!


What is a Twin Flame? Twin Flame Definition

According to the spiritual information, Flames are created at the birth of our Higher Soul or Higher Self. Higher Souls are more connected to God and essentially have divine masculine and divine feminine energy.

The syntagm “twin flame” came from the vision of a Soul in the etheric plane as a bright-burning flame. When twin flames meet each other, the connection is so powerful that their souls are literally on “fire”.

It was common among the ancient philosophers to describe a Soul that was created as a whole and then was split into two halves. One side represented divine masculine and the other represented divine feminine.

Plato was the first of the philosophers who mentioned the divided soul concept in his mythic dialogue entitled “The Symposium”.

In his dialogue, he stated that at the beginning of times human beings used to have two faces, four arms, and four legs. Since they have too much power, God decided to split them in half to reduce their power.

Since then, every human being on Earth has eternal yearned to find their other half with the same soul essence and feel whole again. We still carry this idea to this day of finding our “other half”, but the majority of the people believe they don’t need another person to feel whole.

Initially, the Higher Soul was created as a whole soul. Then the Soul was split into two halves called “twin flames”, similar to an embryo that splits to form identical twins.

Our Higher Soul is multi-dimensional and simultaneously exists in multiple dimensions. The energy body is attached to the physical body through the energy centers. However, our incarnated Soul on earth is only a small part of our Higher Soul energy.

When the Soul is young it would split to form two Flames. If the Soul is old, it would split into three or more Flames. Old souls like mine usually have one incarnated twin flame on earth and the other twin in ethereal as my guide and teacher.

When it comes to the soul connection or mirrored souls, twin flames (also known as Soul Twin or Twin Soul) are two halves of the same soul incarnated in two separate human bodies.

One half of the twin is female energy and the other half is male energy. Just like yin and yang, they complement each other. Twins are not identical or different from each other, but their energy is meshed to become one during the Soul Merge.

Very often twins are already connected and communicating in spiritual realms through dreams, psychic thoughts, feelings, and even telepathically. Many twins may not realize it in a physical reality.

Unity of divine masculine and feminine was celebrated in ancient times. People knew the importance of the unity, transformation, and ascension of the Flames in a sacred marriage as one with the Creator of all. The twin flame energy expands and transforms the universe.

Ancients equally worshipped divine feminine and divine masculine incarnated in flesh. There were many stories about twin souls that have infinite love that replays again as they incarnate into different bodies.

It is believed when Flames unite, they unite heaven and Earth, they open stargates to the Heavenly kingdom bringing a new world into existence.

Very likely Adam and Eve were first created as one creature, who had both male and female forms before God formed Eve from Adam’s body.

Twin flame union also symbolizes sacred marriage, the reunification of man and woman with God the creator through His Son. It is also symbolizing a new creation.


Twin Flame Love Connection

Every person on Earth has a twin flame. This is how Souls were created. However, only a small percentage is incarnated in physical bodies to meet their Flames.

Some say that there are 144,000 twin flames in existence which means there are 72,000 twin flame couples currently incarnated on earth.

The rest of the twin flames reside in the ether as spirit guides and help their incarnated twins on earth. When the person goes back to heaven, they unite again with their twin flame.

No matter how many Flames the soul has, there are only two Flames that can be incarnated in human bodies for a reunion. Typically, you will meet only one twin flame if he or she is incarnated with you on earth. You will meet each other when the time is right and according to your blueprint.

The twin flame fusion is a strongly correlated process similar to the quantum entanglement theory. Quantum entanglement is a phenomenon where particles are separated by time and space.

When one particle is affected at one location, the outcome of the other particle will be affected too at the same time at another location regardless of the distance between them.

The particles do not exist individually, but they exist as an inseparable whole. Because the particles share the same energetic signature, they are connected (entangled).


Why Twin Flames Unite?

Twin Flame Definition, Twin Flame Love Connection. Top 10 Reasons Why Twin Flame Unite


Some people may wonder why the twin flame union is important and why it even exists at all. The biggest purpose, point, and propagation of the universe is love.

In the highest sense, love energy is the biggest and strongest force of the universe. It is the self-sustaining perpetual motion energy of the creation. The creation comes out of love energy. Without love, creation is not possible. Love is God and God is love.

Unlike soul mates who can live a perfectly happy life together, a twin flame relationship usually is not suitable for marriage or daily family routine.

Both twin flames have a very important role to fulfill on a bigger scale that involves shifting and transformation of the earth’s energy. If twins get sucked into a daily routine of marriage without focusing on the important work they are supposed to do, it can bring a lot of negativity not only to their union but to the environment around them.

Furthermore, the twin flame love and pull is the most intense phenomenon one can ever experience in his or her life. The love energy between twin flames is so intense not everyone can handle it.

The energy is so burning and intense it feels extremely painful at times if energies are left unbalanced. As a result, many Twins are scared of the intensity, reject their other half, and try to escape.

Here are the top 10 reasons why the twin flames union is important:

  1. Very often twin flames unite during their last incarnation to prepare for the ascension of the whole Soul.
  2. When two separate for long time energies reconnect, twin flames fulfill their divine mission.
  3. Twin flames meet to resolve any karmic issues they may have.
  4. Twin flames meet to heal each other’s pain, heal our planet and heal others.
  5. Twin flames meet for balance. When twin flames unite it creates balance everywhere and within themselves. It brings balance into our world. It affects human consciousness as a whole.
  6. Twins carry a very high frequency with them. When they unite in God it creates an explosion of pure unconditional love.
  7. When twin flame souls merge, their energy shift earth’s energy and help with ascension of the planet and humanity.
  8. Twin flame frequencies rise on the planet. The light takes over the bigger portion, absorbs and transmutes the dark.
  9. Their energy builds and strengthens the New Earth’s energetic grid.
  10. And much more!

The soul connection is so extreme that you want to be near that soul constantly. You will also experience a sense of completeness or wholeness.


How Twin Flames Meet Each Other?

Twin flames share identical energetic frequencies and they are also called “tonal mates” because they share the same frequency of Soul vibration. It is extremely hard to be a twin flame as it is a soul connection of the highest order and identical energetic frequency.

If you have a twin flame, you are pre-destined to meet this person at some point in your life journey. Physical attraction is not enough for a connection, there is usually an exchange of energy and blissful awareness of another twin.

A person attracts or manifests his or her twin flame because both of them share the same frequency of Soul Signature. Your soul frequency is unique as a fingerprint and there is no one else who shares that uniqueness with you, except your Flame.

You automatically become attracted to each other and pulled together like magnets. Once your soul recognizes its other half, it will long to be with this other soul for the rest of your life, even if you don’t like the person yourself. I call it a twin flame paradox.

Twin flame soul merging is nothing like you have experienced before. When you first meet and recognize your twin flame, your life will turn upside down as it is an extremely hard burden for both twins. Twin flame shows you what you need to change in yourself and vice versa. Your Flame is the most defining catalyst you will ever meet for both of you.


Twin Flame Definition, Twin Flame Love Connection. Top 10 Reasons Why Twin Flame Unite

When I and my twin flame saw each other for the first time many years ago, he was just a 20-year-old young man who had a lot to learn. At the same time, he turned to be a great teacher for me.

He taught me how to communicate telepathically, how to be aware of my energy, and brought attention to many things I wasn’t aware of. My intuitive abilities and extrasensory perception improved a lot. My self-knowledge was elevated. I became more sensitive to the energies around me and felt my twin’s energy, his thoughts, and his feelings very clear.

Unfortunately, big love can come with big surprises such as unhealthy behaviors, jealousy, obsession, quick temper, intense emotions, and then transform into emotional, spiritual, and even physical abuse.

Some people would probably disagree with me and say that a true twin doesn’t hurt the other. It is not always obvious, but some twins can be in deep pain from the separation, especially if they are a “chaser” type.

Also, some twins may still be unbalanced, need healing, transform and simply need to grow up. For other twins, this experience may be too intense to the point they would need to set up some boundaries and re-evaluate their experience.

Remember that each twin flame couple is unique and there are couples who have a happy and healthy relationship with their Flames. But for the relationship to work the love must be unconditional, free of co-dependence, free of unrealistic expectations, and not based on ego.

When twin flames are balanced and prepared, they can have a harmonious union. They become a big force, so powerful it affects the whole earth.

Twin flame love connection opens heavenly gateways and brings Holy Fire to the planet transforming everything and affecting those who are around them. Flames become a new creature, a whole Soul that is like a Phoenix rising out of the dust.

Are You And Your Soul Mate Or Twin Flame Meant To Be?

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