Twin Flame Love Connection: Top 10 Reasons Why Twin Flames Unite

by Janet Elaine
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You have probably heard about the concept of the soul mate or twin flame love connection at some point in your life or even thought about meeting one someday.

There used to be a lot of buzz around the topic and it even becomes a trend, but many people still wonder what the twin flames really are.

When we meet someone and think he or she is perfect, we usually label them as “the one”, “twin flame”, “soul mate”, etc. And if the person doesn’t live up to expectations to be “the one,” it may cause disappointment, pain, or confusion.

Although every twin flame journey is unique, there is a very common pattern that tends to emerge in these unions. Inside you will find answers to some burning flame questions such as what the twin flame phenomenon is, the twin flame love connection, how many twin flames a person can have, and the top reasons why twin flames unite.


What is a Twin Flame? Twin Flame Definition

When it comes to soul connection or mirrored souls, twin flames (also known as Soul Twin or Twin Soul) are two divine counterparts of the same soul incarnated in two distinct human bodies.

One soul of the twin flame contains female energy and the other soul is male energy. The male/female energies don’t depend on the physical gender and males often carry feminine-polarised energy while females can carry masculine flame energy. Just like yin and yang, they complement each other. Twin flames are not identical or different from one another, but their energies mesh when they unite.

The syntagm “twin flame” came from the vision of a Soul in the etheric plane as a bright-burning flame. The connection between twin flames is so strong that when they meet their souls are literally “on fire”.

Flames are created at the birth of our Higher Self or Higher Soul. Then this big soul splits into two separate soul energies known as “twin flames”, similar to an embryo that splits to form identical twins.

Ancient philosophers frequently spoke of a Soul that originated as a single entity before being divided into two parts. One side represents the divine masculine and the other represents the divine feminine.

Plato was the first philosopher to discuss the idea of a divided soul in his mythical dialogue titled “The Symposium”.

In his dialogue, he stated that at the beginning of time, human beings had two faces, four arms, and four legs. They had too much power and God decided to split them in two to reduce their power.

Since then every human being on Earth has eternally yearned to find their other part with the same soul essence and regain their sense of wholeness. The idea of finding our “other half” persists to this day, but the majority of people feel they do not need another person to feel complete.

In Jungian psychology and alchemy, twin flames are called mystical spiritual sisters and brothers. In his Psychology & Alchemy book, Jung wrote the following statement:

… Mercurius stands at the beginning and end of the work: he is the prima materia, the caput corvi, the nigredo; as dragon he devours himself and as dragon he dies, to rise again in the lapis. He is the play of colours in the cauda pavonis and the division into the four elements. He is the hermaphrodite that was in the beginning, that splits into the classical brother-sister duality and is reunited in the coniunctio, to appear once again at the end in the radiant form of the lumen novum, the stone. He is metallic yet liquid, matter yet spirit, cold yet fiery, poison and yet healing draught – a symbol uniting all the opposites. -Jung, Psychology & Alchemy (Part 3, Chapter 3.1).


In Jungian psychology and alchemy, the objectives of twin flames are not to achieve a physical romantic relationship, but a spiritual union.


How Twin Flames Meet Each Other?

In most cases, twin flames are already connected to one another and communicate in the spiritual realms through dreams, clairvoyant thoughts, feelings, and even telepathy. Many twins may not be aware of it in real life.

Similar to the quantum entanglement theory, twin flame fusion is a highly correlated process. Quantum entanglement is a phenomenon where particles are separated by time and space.

When one particle is affected at one location, the outcome of the other particle will be affected too at the same time at another location regardless of the distance between them.

The particles do not exist individually, but they exist as an inseparable whole. Because the particles share the same energetic signature, they are connected (entangled).

If your twin is incarnated with you at the same time, you are pre-destined to meet this person at some point in your life journey. Physical attraction or personality traits have nothing to do with the twin flame connection, there is usually an extremely powerful energetic connection and a blissful awareness of another twin that you can feel psychically (or even physically).

A person attracts or manifests his or her twin flame because both of them share the same frequency of Soul Signature. Your soul frequency is unique as a fingerprint and there is no one else who shares that uniqueness with you, except your Flame.

Twin flames share identical energetic frequencies and they are also called “tonal mates” because they share the same frequency of Soul vibration. Because it is a soul connection of the highest order and of the same energetic frequency, being a twin flame is extremely difficult to deal with in a Third Dimensional physical reality.

Twin flames meet when their whole Big Soul or Oversoul is ready for the ascension with both of you being mature enough and ready for the whole spiritual experience of becoming One again.

When twin flames meet, both twin flames instantly become attracted to each other and are pulled together like magnets. Even if you don’t like the other person’s appearance, personality, or both, once your soul finds its other divine counterpart, the magnetic pull stays forever. I personally call it a “twin flame paradox”.

Twin flame connection is far from having a fuzzy feeling of falling in love or having a crush on someone. The soul-pulling power is so extreme that you want to be near that soul constantly. Despite the physical separation, you will feel a sense of peace, completeness, or wholeness.

Even for those who had a lot of relationship experiences, the twin flame’s love and pull will be the most intense phenomenon one can ever experience in their life. After the meeting and twin flame recognition your life may turn upside down.

The spiritual energy exchange between twin flames happens in the Fifth-dimensional reality. It is extremely intense and may become a hard burden for both twins to carry such high-frequency vibrations. Twin flames will be the most defining catalysts for each other in their life.  Our twin flames are typically souls who trigger us the most for our soul’s growth.


Is There More Than One Twin Flame?

There are only two twin flames that your soul can share between two physical bodies for the spiritual reunion, regardless of the number of Flames the soul possesses. Because of the nature and intensity of the connection that cannot be shared with anybody else, you only have one twin flame. Both of you will meet at the appropriate time and in accordance with your soul’s blueprint.

Every person on Earth has a twin flame (read about how to recognize your twin flame here). However, only a small percentage are created with the twin flame. Most souls are created with a soul group, their original soul family around of 3 – 30 souls that are often called soulmates, soul partners, soul families, and companion soul mates (aka soul mate friends). Soulmates are our perfect romantic partners, family members, soul friends, etc.

Meeting your twin flame is an extremely rare event. Some speculate that there are roughly 144,000 twin-flames in existence which means there are 72,000 twin-flame pairs currently residing on earth.

The rest of the twin flames serve as spirit guides in the higher realms and assist their incarnated twins on earth. The person will reunite with their twin flame again once they return to heaven.

When our Oversoul is young it splits to form two Flames. If the Oversoul is old, it can split into three or more Flames. Old souls usually have one incarnated twin flame on earth and the other twin resides in heaven serving as a guide and teacher.


What Is The Twin Flame Union?

There is a difference between the spiritual union of the twin flames and their physical union. The twin flame spiritual union is a complete unification of the two energy fields.

The goal of the twin flame is to complete the unification of the two energy fields and experience a spiritual oneness with each other in God/Creator of All that eventually results in spiritual ascension. Energy fields have different layers in a person’s aura. These five subtle bodies correspond to the functions of the actual body. Upon meeting both fields collide and twin flames’ chakra systems merge to achieve inner fusion.

All twin flames are already connected in higher densities and they have a shared energy field that is activated or not activated yet. Energy activation is possible for both twin flames if they don’t block their mutual connection, even when they are in physical separation.

They can engage in a spiritual union and activate their energy by accessing it while meditating, dreaming, astral travel, or by meeting physically. Once inner fusion has taken place both twins typically have to learn to stay in balance, work on their ego dissolution and control their emotions.

Spiritual ascension, also known as a spiritual awakening, is a natural evolutionary process in which one experiences an inner rebirth and sheds the old self.

Spiritual ascension is frequently described in terms of being “upgraded,” “rebooted,” or the rising vibrational frequency of a soul. The inner evolution and expansion of the mind, heart, or soul, as well as reaching new heights and transcending limiting habits, mindsets, beliefs, and ways of being, are all referred to by these terms.

Then the spiritual awakening is taking place when one or both of the twin flames often go through the awakening of spiritual energy or soul awakening. When spiritual energy (commonly referred to as qi or prana energy) is awakened, major transformations can take place on the physical and spiritual levels.

Many twin flames can achieve a great spiritual union, but not necessarily a physical union. The physical union depends on many external factors. Many twin flame pairs have different energy frequencies, they have free will, age differences, inconvenient geographical locations, or they can have a soul contract and be married to their soulmates.

These types of unions often are not suitable for marriage or the family’s daily routine, in contrast to soulmates couples, who can have a happy, balanced, and harmonious relationship together without all intensity and rollercoaster emotions that twin flames have.

This, however, happens by design as the twin flames’ high-density energies often are not compatible with 3D physical reality as their relationship is mostly compatible in the 5D energy world. In addition to that, twin flame goals are not physical cohabitation or procreation, but Ascension and learning to love each other unconditionally. They often do not have a pre-birth plan for marriage as they often have to go through trials and challenges for learning purposes.

The twin flame journey stages can be the most overwhelming, disorienting, and supernatural experience that can go from mild to extreme and becomes too much to bear.

If twin flame energies are not balanced and there is emotional instability, the soul-pulling force is so intense that it can cause immense pain at the soul level. As a result, many Flames get scared of the intensity of the union, reject their other twin, and try to escape.

On a larger scale, both twin flames have a very important role to play that includes transforming and shifting the earth’s energy from Third-dimensional reality 3D into 5D. If the divine counterparts will focus too much on their personal ego-based problems, and get caught up in the daily routine of their marriage without paying attention to the important work they are supposed to do (internal or external), it can have a negative impact not only on their relationship but also on the world around them.

Here are the top reasons why the twin flames meet each other:

  1. Typically twin flames meet when their Oversoul is ready and both twin flames’ souls are mature enough for the spiritual reunion, awakening, and ascension of their entire Oversoul.
  2. Twin flames fulfill their divine mission when they reconnect after a long period of separation to experience the highest level of spiritual Oneness with each other in God/Source of All.
  3. Twin flames meet to fulfill any soul contract they agreed to fulfill prior to their birth. The most common objective is to experience the highest and purest form of love and spiritual oneness with each other in God/Source of All.
  4. Twin flames meet to heal one another and others. Their powerful energy is capable to change the energetic field of other individuals and change the energies of their geographic location (or even the entire continent if they are located in different parts of the world). They operate as vacuums by absorbing the energy around them.
  5. Twin flames meet to find balance, and restore equilibrium everywhere and within themselves. Their highest and purest form of love brings healing and balance to the world.
  6. Twin flames are able to impact human consciousness as a whole.
  7. When twin flame souls merge and experience oneness, their energy shift earth’s energy and helps with the ascension of the planet and humanity.
  8. Twins carry a very high frequency with them. When their energies mesh it creates an explosion of pure Five Dimensional love. The light takes over the bigger portion and absorbs and transmutes the dark.
  9. Their energy builds and strengthens the Earth’s energetic grid.
  10. And more!

Twin Flames may entail immense trials and challenges but eventually, they learn to accept their destiny and love each other unconditionally. Eventually, during their trials, they learn to co-exist and balance together in harmony to remain as neutral as possible.

Higher-density love energy is the purest and most powerful force in the universe in the purest sense. It is the self-sustaining perpetual motion energy of the creation. Creation can’t happen without love energy. Without love, creation is not possible. Love is God and God is love.


Sacred Union of Twin Flames

Twin Flame Definition, Twin Flame Love Connection. Top 10 Reasons Why Twin Flame UniteIn ancient times, the unity of divine feminine and divine masculine was celebrated. People understood the significance of the Flames’ existence, transformation, and ascension in a sacred union with the Creator of all. They had knowledge about how the energy of the twin flames transforms and expands the universe.

Ancient people equally worshipped divine feminine and divine masculine incarnated in flesh. There are old stories about twin souls that have infinite love that replays again as they incarnate into different bodies.

It was believed when Flames unite, they unite heaven and Earth, and they open stargates to Havens bringing a new world into existence.

Before God created Eve out of Adam’s rib, it is very likely that Adam and Eve were initially created as a single entity that had both male and female features.

Twin flame union also symbolizes sacred marriage, the reunification of man and woman with God the creator. It also symbolizes a new creation.

The soul is divine essence made of pure love and light. Each soul has its purpose to fulfill, unique to each person. A harmonious spiritual and physical union is possible between twin flames who are mature enough, prepared, and balanced. Together they grow into a powerful force that can impact the entire planet.

Twin flame spiritual connection opens heavenly gateways and brings Holy Fire to the planet transforming everything and affecting those who are around them. Twin flames then merge and become one Soul again which is like a Phoenix rising out of the dust.


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