The Fifth Dimension And New Reality

by Janet Elaine
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The Fifth Dimension and New Reality
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Numerous sources are providing information regarding the upcoming global transformations and spiritual awakening. According to ancient prophecies, our planet is going to shift to a whole new level of reality filled with love, unity, wisdom, and peace.

There will be a lot of change and things like violence, destruction, sin, sickness, or death will end. The big change in Earth’s organizational structure is often called a Great Shift. As Earth is gradually approaching the end of the age cycle, it will transform into a 5th-dimensional planet. Here is a visual guide to the 10 dimensions.

While it may sound like science fiction, planets, and galaxies go through big transformations all the time. For instance, there were major atmospheric changes on our planet almost over 200 million years ago.

Fossil evidence shows that certain types of dinosaurs such as pterodactyls and pterosaurs were able to live only in a specifically designed environment. It means that the atmospheric pressure was different from around 32 pounds per square inch at sea level, with more oxygen in the atmosphere.

Many of us are already witnessing changes in weather, increasing numbers of earthquakes, the increasing solar activity of the sun, and volcanic eruptions. These are all perceivable evidence that Earth is quite literally shifting. Once the old structure of reality collapses, a new era will emerge.

Some say this shift will be completed within the next couple of decades; others give no date. But all seem to agree it will happen sometime soon.

This transformation was planned from the beginning of creation, and many ancient prophesies spoke about a Great Shift that was going to take place in the entire galaxy.


The Third Dimensional School

New Heavens New Earth Fifth Dimension Space, Three Fourth Fifth Dimension, Zeeland Bridge, Netherlands.

Image by Tom van Hoogstraten on Unsplash


Our present reality is called the Third dimension reality represents the duality paradigm locked in time and space and only exists in a system of grids. When comparing it to the higher dimensions of the more authentic state of divine presence and high vibrations, the Third dimension is a dimension of an altered state of consciousness filled with negative emotions of fear, anxiety, uncertainty, and alike.

The Third-dimensional reality was specifically built as a “school” for educational purposes, where every soul on Earth is able to learn and fulfill its purpose.

This educational process is especially important to those souls who participated in the cosmic Rebellion and transgressed the law (Word) in one way or another.

Now is a good time to complete the soul contract and get redemption /salvation through God’s grace. Each soul receives its own assignment to become a messenger, a teacher, a healer, a warrior for truth, or a leader anointed by the Creator.


5th Dimension Body Changes

We are gradually moving away from the Third dimension of reality to the Fourth dimension for many years. The Fourth dimension serves as a bridge between the Third and the Fifth dimensions.

In the Fourth dimension, thoughts and feelings create reality much more quickly than in the Third. In addition, some things will tend to manifest faster.

Many people who have used hypnosis for therapy and past life regression sessions, saw the New Earth as a very beautiful planet with 5th dimension frequency. It already exists and has a moderate climate with no time or seasons.

On the New Earth, people will coexist in groups and do something for others in exchange for their service.

In the Fifth dimension, things manifest instantly, as the 5th dimension manifestation process is different from the current dimension of physical density. There is no distinction between the past, present, or future. The experience of time is radically different, and it feels like “everything happens at once.” When someone thinks about something, it is manifesting simultaneously.

After the shift, a body will be transfigured into a pure light like Christ’s body was. The inhabitants of the 5th dimension will not have solid bodies. Instead, they will have low-density energy bodies that can merge and walk through the walls.

The inhabitants are generally able to communicate telepathically, with the ability to read each other’s thoughts and feelings. There will be no pain, sickness, or stress. Inhabitants of the New Earth will be able to fly freely to different locations and stars.

From Shadow To Light

New Heavens New Earth Fifth Dimension Space

The spiral-shaped Whirlpool galaxy may be the host of the first planet spotted outside of the Milky Way.
S. Beckwith/STSCI, The Huble Heritage Team/STSCI/AURA, NASA, ESA

All souls have the choice to enter 5D, given they have assimilated sufficient light to hold the energy levels that exist in that higher vibration.

The souls that decide to move on to the next level are always working on their spiritual selves. These individuals are in tune with the will of the Creator and ready to co-create their own reality.

The Holy Spirit helps to dissolve all negative energies within the electromagnetic energy field in the body for a perfect balance.

Not everyone on the planet will make the choice (consciously or unconsciously) to shift into the Fifth Dimension. Many will ignore their soul calling and choose not to do anything. They won’t finish what the third-dimensional reality has still to teach them.

These souls will be attached to the realm that matches the vibration levels to their souls. Such realms can be pretty dark and scary, full of unclean and hungry spirits.

Those who choose a path of righteousness, bring “heaven to earth” by channeling the Source energy from Heaven to Earth. With this energy of light, Earth becomes renewed and alive again.

The truth-seekers are creating a new paradigm of living in a higher vibration as divine beings embodying divine light. After the big transformation, a new reality will be created according to God’s design.

5th dimension transition is not always easy. Due to the higher energies coming in, there will be more physical issues and changes coming from within. Many things will come to the surface. The negative will be released and purified.

We will be purged with high-vibrational energies, and it’s the holy fire that heals all. This age is the time for new trials of the great tribulation leading to a big transformation, and eventually, the new world.

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