The New Earth Template and Photon Energy In 5th Dimension

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The New Earth and Photon EnergyWith so many things happening around the world today, we want to question everything and would like to know what to expect next.

When it comes to figuring out the puzzles, I am a clueless person who is trying to connect the dots. I am very grateful we have our intuition and spiritual guides ready to help us on our journey, explaining things as we go along. They send us messages, signs, and dreams regarding our daily life or even our future.

In the past few months, I came across numerous messages, channelings and opinions about our future in general and life on the New Earth. I liked one particular message that strongly resonated with me and matches biblical prophecies. This message was received directly from a spirit guide during a hypnotherapy session.

Below I summarized the basic points from this message without including my personal opinion. In addition, don’t forget to pray/meditate on this topic for more clarification.


The New Earth In a Different Space

Galaxy has cancer in the form of negative energy, which is why the New Earth is a solution for many people.

The New Earth is said to be superimposed, meaning, it will be the same planet, located in a different space or dimension. The new planet is going to have the same template as Earth’s, but a different program. According to the spirit message, our earth will “shift from the current space to a different space (dimension).”

The New Earth template will be created by select souls who collectively decide to have a reality without extreme polarity and eternal imbalance. They will restore and enhance the template of the earth’s creation and provide a new human experience. They are also inviting others who wish to become part of this new experience.

The New Earth will be drastically different from our current earth. It will be very pristine with no industrial development. It’s referred to as a “summer land” or a transitional place where souls come for healing from continuous reincarnation and recycling. Before each reincarnation, souls are split up into two or more halves and sent back to Earth. This is the place where separated and fractured souls unite back and heal. Only those who’ve connected directly to the Source will receive a complete and final recovery.

To live on the New Earth, a soul needs to make a conscious decision to move from one frequency to another by utilizing God’s energy that is coming to Earth. The divine frequencies will remove blockages, and re-arrange, harmonize and attune the soul to its original spark.

It will transform the soul back to the original energy and match its frequency to the frequency of the new reality.

Different people will be affected differently. Some will not be prepared physically to receive these transformational energies. Others will take this energy of light, drink it and reconnect their heart to the Creator. The energy from the Supreme Creator will transform their souls and physical bodies into bodies of light.

The connected souls will reconnect with oversoul essence; utilize memories, wisdom, and experience; and obtain the freedom to move to other stargates. Connection to the Creator is a positive, most fulfilling and wonderful experience that many people are missing.

The New Earth inhabitants will be able to manifest what they need and communicate with each other telepathically. With telepathic communication, people will be aware of their thoughts and there will be no more hidden secrets. The inhabitants will have more freedom to move without cutting down trees or destroying plants.


New Earth Template and Photon Energy In 5th Dimension

How Long Will Life Survive On Planet Earth?

Everything changes eventually. The fossil record tells us that the Earth went through many global changes over the past 3.5 billion years. It has survived being hit by rocks from space, ice age, lethal radiation, and so on.

According to the spirit message and the biblical prophecies, the high-dimensional souls of the humans decided that the old earth structure will be eventually disassembled. The souls who are not ready to move on will be left behind and will not go to the New Earth. They will go to the reality that they created while living on the old earth.

Many souls are lost on the astral level. There have been many situations where millions of people have suddenly died during medieval times, warfare, natural disasters, and so on. This is where the earthbound spirits came from. These lost souls have been recycled many times and put into different bodies. When the soul leaves the body, its vibration is so slow that the soul can barely move.

When the soul doesn’t have the connection to the Creator, it gets sucked into the next simulation.

Some souls have already found balance and live a connected and balanced life. Others are still at point zero and need to conquer or control the situation.

The spirit guide advises us to avoid getting sucked into this distorted reality. We should establish a connection with the Creator and release all the blocks that are stopping us from connecting to the Source. When blockages and layers of negativity are peeled off, the soul’s light will shine through again.

Instead of being involved in the chaos of unbalanced frequencies, a renewed and balanced soul becomes an observer. It then disconnects from the collective consciousness. It holds completely the Divine energy and pulls the collective consciousness toward the Creator.


New Earth Template and Photon Energy In 5th Dimension

Photon Energy and Higher Plane of Existence

The initial birthing solstice of the New Earth started in 12.12.12. The New Earth is the expansion of the old Earth’s resonance into 12-dimensional fields and will expand humanity beyond the third dimension.

Our solar system began entering the Photon Belt in 2012. As the Earth passes through this belt, humanity shifts into a higher plane of existence. Authors Sheldon Nidle and Virginia Essene (born in 1928) in their book wrote that the Photon Belt is a temporary window for a spiritual transition of humans at the “galactic” level.

Photon energy is light energy, and photons are the smallest possible particles of light in quantum physics. Photon energy is the energy of the future. It is a powerful new energy source that will replace electricity in the new millennium. Photons are what the ancients harnessed as energy for communication, energy production, stellar travel, etc.

This source of energy is free, and nobody can monopolize it.

Photon energy passes through the Earth in waves. The outer edge of this belt is already in the Earth’s atmosphere and is affecting not only Earth but also many planets in the solar system. The evolution of planet Earth and its inhabitants is expected to happen in the next 2,000 years when there will be a great shift into the realm of photon energy.

This energy carries the power of manifestation where thoughts can manifest instantly. It is about realizing your power to create a new world, for you and others. It is also possible that your intuition will develop more knowledge than usual.

This energy can extend human life because it realigns the human body with a light body, so it is essential to maintain purity and clarity of thoughts by practicing daily meditation and prayers, staying heart-centered, and establishing a connection with the Creator.

As our earth and its inhabitants go through the process of evolution, we constantly learning how to manifest things that are good for us that are aligned with God’s word. In this way, we don’t get sucked and stacked into a distorted reality and we can create a new reality on or for the New Earth.

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