The 12 Archetypes: What Is Your Personality Archetype?

by Janet Elaine
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What Does Your Archetype Reveal About Your Personality
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Wondering what environment suits your personality best, what direction to take, and how to achieve your goals faster? Take a closer look at your personality type and its basic archetypes to discover your personality archetype.

The word ‘archetype’ is a central aspect of the Jungian theory of psychoanalysis that refers to the recurring patterns found in our universal stories.

Jung introduced symbols, themes, and imagery as part of the human psyche to represent our unique personalities and motivations in society.

Each archetype definition is associated with different patterns of behavior that influences every aspect of our life.

Archetypes give us a clear perspective of our direction, our intentions, and our tendencies. If you’ve ever felt uncertain about the things that you’ve done, the path that you’re on, or the thoughts that you have, learn more about your unique personality and the motivation behind your actions.

The more you learn about yourself, the easier it becomes to utilize your intuition and make the right choices in life.

Archetypes also influence the type of relationships you create, the kinds of people you attract, and what part you take in major events in your life.

You can also think about where you might find these archetypes in other aspects of your life. For example, can you find your partner, your best friend, a sibling, or your parents on this list?


The 12 Archetypes And Their Meaning

Below you will find a list of 12 archetypes, along with a set of personality traits that can be represented by one of 12 archetypes.


Caregiver Archetype

The Caregivers are the soul and heart of a civilized society. They are compassionate and selfless altruists who are consistent, passionate, trustworthy, and responsive. Their nurturing nature helps sustain a peaceful environment for many years. Caregivers are always willing to help people around them, and their generosity inspires everyone around them.
Cruxes: Sometimes they can be too sensitive to others and too dependent.


Creator Archetype

The Creator archetype is imaginative, unique, inquisitive, and ingenious. They can express their passion and work as designers, musicians, architects, writers, and artists. The Creator type long to create beautiful paintings and artwork worldwide and consider themselves completely and entirely original. Also, they are very creative in daily life. They achieve goals they have set for themselves and they create ways for others to follow.
Cruxes: perfectionism and shallowness.


The Member (Everyperson) Archetype

The Member archetype is the most harmonic, moral, hardworking, and welcoming archetype in society. They are an important part of this world and play important roles. This archetype is considered to be an authentic and egalitarian type of personality that can blend into any group. The Member is usually down-to-earth, approachable, and a great team player.
Cruxes: wariness and unoriginality.


Explorer Archetype

The Explorer is an adventurer who wants to make his mark in the world and discover new lands. He is independent and values his freedom the most. He avoids staying in one place for even a short period. Sitting still causes him to feel uneasy, jittery and restless. The explorer’s soul is fearless, craves adventure, and looks for new experiences. Explorers have a childlike enthusiasm that everybody around them is going to feel.
Cruxes: recklessness and impulsivity.


Hero Archetype

The Hero type has a brave personality and seeks every opportunity to display a strong sense of courage. These individuals tend to feel the need to prove their worth by performing acts of courage. They are focused, motivational and protective and always move forward regardless of how hard things get. They can even sacrifice themselves if they need to accomplish their goals.
Cruxes: can be overly aggressive.


Innocent Archetype

The Innocent type has the personality of an angel and reminds us what the world would be like if we would stop all of the foolish things we do. Typically naive and impressed easily with everything and by anything. These types of people tend to be happy and peaceful, and show sheer positivity and optimism. Normally, the only thing they want is to have more happiness and peace for all.
Cruxes: can be overly passive and unrealistic.


Jester Archetype

They are society’s fun-loving people who live for the moment. They love to experience emotions to the maximum. The Jester has a bag full of jokes and makes everyone laugh. It satisfies him to make others happy. Jester also has a warm side that he wants to share with many others.
Cruxes: too much foolishness and inappropriateness.


Lover Archetype

The Lover archetype is typically associated with commitment and faithfulness. It dwells around emotions, sensuality, and feelings. Their goal in life is to have uplifted experiences and passions 24/7, living in an “always on call” society.
Cruxes: cattiness and materialism.


Magician Archetype

The Magician archetype is typically not into forming deep and personal connections. They have a deep connection with the universe and believe strongly in their dreams, their abilities, and themselves in general. The Magicians are dreamful, inspiring, charismatic and persuasive people. They are crafty innovators with a transformative personality type, but sometimes have a demanding mindset.
Cruxes: demanding and argumentative.


Outlaw (Revolutionary) Archetype

The Outlaw archetype is known for its free-spirited and free-minded personality. Nothing can control their desire and stand in their way. They show what it means to be the captain of your ship. The Outlaw is creative, unconventional, and thrill-seeking. They can’t stand boredom, dull daily life, and boring people, and will try to avoid these conditions as much as possible.
Cruxes: impulsive and careless.


Ruler Archetype

The Ruler archetype defines naturally born leaders and the authoritative figures of society. Not everybody likes to be a leader, but the Ruler type is comfortable taking charge because they are driven, meticulous, and resolute. Even though some Rulers do get a bad reputation, the majority of them are just and peace-loving. What drives them is not a desire to lead, but the actual quality of leadership they provide.
Cruxes: pompousness and self-righteousness.


Sage Archetype

Sages are often called the “smartest ones in the room.” They are dedicated to seeking knowledge and wisdom in everything they do. Everything they experience in life has a meaning to them, an opportunity for learning. Sage is the wise, competent, curious and intelligent type who often works in the shadows. Thanks to their dedication and hard work, they shaped and devise some of the most well-known theories and proofs in history.
Cruxes: intolerance and elitism.


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