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by Janet Elaine site does not collect personally identifiable information without the knowledge of the visitors. The third-party tools used on this site are GDPR-compliant and include the following:

Non-personalized ads: this site may use outside ad companies and links to other sites to display ads from time to time. In general, personalized ads may contain cookies and web beacons that are collected by the ad companies in order to display appropriate advertisements. does not display personalized ads and is only set to display non-personalized ads with limited or no tracking.

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Google Analytics: This site uses GA to analyze website statistics related to user interests and improve the site’s performance, such as the loading of posts and pages. To learn more about their terms and conditions, visit Google Analytics site for references.

User comments: when you leave a comment, your name, email address, and website/organization name is not shared with a third party and may be used for communication purposes only. Any such interactions via comments and social media with us do not subject us to any kind of liability related to the misuse of your information by others.

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The website may use cookies to facilitate your use of the website. Cookies are small text files that act as short-term memory for the web and are stored in the user’s browser. Cookies are used to enhance your web experience. Users can disable cookies in their browsers. They can avoid cookies being stored on a hard drive and displaying web beacons by choosing to accept “cookies” in the browser settings. If you choose to disable cookies, some areas of the website might not work well for you.

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