The Spiritual Meaning of Dreams and Recurring Dreams

by Janet Elaine
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Dreams are windows into the world beyond our physical realm. Dreams help you to connect to the higher consciousness and spirit world, help to gather insights from the past or future, and even able to heal spiritually.

Dreams can carry both psychoanalytic interpretation and spiritual meaning. The unconscious mind keeps a lot of hidden information that we are unaware of, such as past lives, unresolved karma, and the information from the Akashic records – cosmic records or “memories,” of all events, actions, feelings, and thoughts, that have occurred since the beginning of time. To redeem this veiled information along with the spiritual meaning of dreams, it has to be brought up to the conscious level.

During sleep, our conscious mind and mental blocks are “switched off.” The sleep state allows us to receive information from the spiritual realms in a form of images from vivid dreams, guarding angels, spirit guides, or loved ones from the other side.

Your dreams may open a window to a new world inhabited by interesting characters such as spirits or angels. Dreams may bring new revelations such as new ideas, and images from the past or future, and even show you how Jesus looks in person. Your guardian angel may appear in your dreams as a teacher or a guide to deliver messages or to heal your body and soul.


Spirit Astral Travel

There are quite a few stories about guardian angels who meet a person in a dream and escorted their spirit out of their bodies to show them something. Together, they visit other spiritual realms and then return to their bodies before the awakening.

Our spirit travels to other spiritual planes located around our physical world. There are positive as well as negative astral planes. The negative spirits and places can influence our dreams or create their version of a dream. To avoid this from happening, practice meditation or prayers before sleep time.

Our physical world is mostly a static environment, while spirit realms are more dynamic. There is no time in spirit realms, and everything is created by thoughts and intentions. When a spirit visits certain places such as an old and familiar neighborhood from their childhood memories, this place may feel familiar, but looks like a “hologram” with many elements missing we commonly see in the physical world.

During your dream travel, you may see random cities and towns that look unfamiliar. These places are projected and built unconsciously by a group of earthly inhabitants or other spiritual beings who project thoughts and energy collectively. Some of these places may look or feel like an actual city or town you used to live in or visit in physical reality, but there will always be something unusual about them.

In astral planes past, present and future happen simultaneously. You can view this process in the form of a grid or web with millions of potential scenarios of events that can be manifested at any time. Only one version of the scenario will be played out, the one that is matching your vibration level or energy from a group of people around you.

The feeling of deja vu that people experience from time to time while awake might be one of the future scenarios of a certain event that already happened in their dreams. With deja vu, specific events or places may seem familiar to you even though you didn’t experience this event or visit such a place in your life.


Types of Psychic Messages in Dreams

Psychic dreams are easy to differentiate from your regular dream. This type of dream looks very real, and it feels like you are awake while having this dream.

You will remember the details of the dream very clearly as it may contain many vivid details. Very often, they appear as clear and colorful images, animals, characters, beautiful landscapes, feelings, and sounds.

There are different types of dream messages in a form of emotions, symbolism, direct conversations, or spoken messages. Below you will find the most frequent types of messages conveyed through dreams.


Correction Dreams

Dream Meaning Dream Interpretation Meaning of Dreams Spiritual Meaning of Dreams Interpret My Dream Nightmares Sleep Paralysis Deja Vu Why We Dream Nightmare

Image by Reto Scheiwiller from Pixabay

In correction dreams, your guardian angel may send messages to you so you can better understand your own actions and how they influence your life and the lives of people around you. This dream will signal what needs to be changed or if everything looks great, you will get a message that you are on the right track.

For example, if you constantly see yourself surrounded by physical objects in a dream such as clothes, accessories, or electronic devices, from a spiritual perspective it may symbolize that you think about material things too much and it is projected and manifested in your dreams.

It’s not a sin to have too much stuff in your house, but you may develop strong attachments or even addictions to your material things. In spirit realms, any type of attachment is holding us back, especially when we are ready to move forward.


Healing Dreams

The healing dreams bring comfort or a message with a solution to any particular health problem. Healing often occurs after a long prayer, meditation, or emotional request for healing. Your guardian angel may send you a vision of the issues that need your close attention such as negative thinking or bad habits, so you can fix them.

There was a story about one woman who suffered from severe migraines, and doctors couldn’t find anything abnormal. In her prayers, she requested to show her how to heal herself. Shortly after this woman had a dream where she was consuming an ingredient in her food that was harmful to her body.  After giving this dream some thought, she realized that she should limit the sodium in her food. Once she eliminated the majority of the sodium from her food, her migraines were not an issue anymore.


Encouraging Dreams

Some dreams are so uplifting that they bring joy and a good mood for the day. This type of dream brings an inner sense of peace and security and assures someone that they are on the right track. One of my best encouraging dreams was a dream about the future and life on the new earth.

Some dreams provide numerous creative ideas. There was one story about a lady who was a stay-at-home mom with kids. One day she had a dream that she was supposed to write books on a certain topic. She was hesitant at first and doubted her abilities, but she started to write anyway. After she published her books she eventually became a famous author and spiritual leader in her community.


Dreams With Warning Messages

The guardian angels carry great responsibility to protect people from any danger they may encounter throughout their lifetime. The angel sends a warning message in a dream or an intuitive feeling during the day to avoid certain things. The angels may even show what steps these individuals should take to protect themselves.

For example, when a person sees snakes in a dream, a typical psychoanalytic interpretation would be a suggestion to look within yourselves and to address any problems that might be there. Quite often, however, snakes represent an encounter with negative people. The message with snakes may warn you to be careful when you are around any individual with a toxic personality.

You may see your loved ones from the past, such as your ex-partner or a relative who you haven’t thought about for years. This type of dream can indicate that they are actually thinking about you, or there may be a prolonged or unresolved conflict.

There are also numerous stories about losing teeth in a dream. While some interpret this message as having some type of underlying insecurity or anxiety. Others believe that teeth represent a group of people such as family or close relatives. When teeth are moving or falling out, it may serve as a warning message that a loved one can get sick.

Dreaming about falling is usually seen as a loss of control over an important situation, as having fear, terror, and anxiety according to the psychoanalytic interpretation. But in spiritual terms, these dreams are very common for those who are traveling in spirit to other realms when they sleep.


Prophetic Dreams

Spirit guides and guardian angels live in space-time places where time doesn’t exist. They can see all the possible future outcomes, either good or bad. Your guardian angel may sometimes give you premonitions of the future through your dreams. This type of dream can teach you about a future event or give you a piece of advice that you can share with other people.

There is also a large number of people who dream about all types of natural disasters, including earthquakes, tsunamis, or wars. While few of these dreams turn out to be prophetic, others are just a personal reminder to keep your spirit in good shape.

Our planet is suffering a lot from negative energies as it causes some “sickness” to the planet. To heal itself, Earth has to regenerate its resources, and that can result in natural disasters. Angelic messages with images of disasters serve as a reminder for others to cleanse, balance, and harmonize themselves. It is a special reminder for those who are guilty of causing the man-made imbalance in nature. It is a reminder for everybody else to send healing energy to the planet and free it from the negative energy that makes her sick.


How to See a Psychic Dream or Receive a Message

Dream Meaning Dream Interpretation Meaning of Dreams Spiritual Meaning of Dreams Interpret My Dream Nightmares Sleep Paralysis Deja Vu Why We Dream

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

Receiving a message from the angel isn’t easy. The messages tend to appear at a certain time to certain people or may not appear at all. If you are more receptive to angelic messages in your sleep, you will find it easy to receive the messages.

Here are a few tips on how to receive messages or psychic guidance in your dreams:

  1. Turn off screens an hour before bed and make sure you sleep in a cool, dark, and quiet environment. Try to relax your mind and stop any thoughts running in your head.
  2. Set your intention to receive a message through your dreams. To set your intention, you can ask the universe or your guardian angels to show you the answer to your question. Your request may not work right away or every time. You may need more practice, soul cleansing, and staying open to receive Divine guidance.
  3. Call for your guardian angel through meditation or prayer at bedtime, just before falling asleep. For a calm and relaxing sleep, visualize yourself surrounded by your guarding angels. Visualize a bright white light coming from God to stay around you for protection from nightmares or insomnia.
  4. Write a question on a piece of paper and leave it next to your bed or under the pillow.
  5. Many people receive their visions during an alpha state. The alpha state is a state when you are about to fall asleep and you are half asleep and half awake. Others get images rushing through their minds and receive open visions from their subconscious mind while they are awake.
  6. If you like natural stones, crystals are a great tool to help enhance psychic energy, intuition, and spirit communication. When placed under a pillow, some crystals can help you recall your dreams better, help to receive insightful messages, heal, and help you have more vivid dreams. Some great crystals for good sleep are Danburite, Herkimer Diamonds, Blue Kyanite, and Azurite.


After Awakening

After waking up, try to mentally review the dream and record whatever details you can remember. Dreams often come in symbols that can be interpreted by using dream dictionaries. However, symbols can be unique to you in the form of personal messages. To interpret the unique symbol, pay attention to your recent events and experiences. It may be difficult to understand the meaning right away, but if you stay open and aware of the symbols, sooner or later it will make sense.

Create a dream journal and write your dreams there or record them with a voice recorder. Write down your dreams without interpretation first thing in the morning. Examine any patterns that emerge and any feelings of intuition that you get by studying your dreams. If you are still unable to interpret the dream, meditate and ask God and angels to reveal its meaning.

Spiritual dreams are a great way to start receiving psychic messages as your mind is already in a very relaxed and open state. All you have to do is set your intention and stay open to the messages as they unfold. The spiritual meaning of dreams and recurring dreams can guide us in the right direction and give us knowledge. Dreams are gifts we can use to make our life paths more enjoyable and learn more from them.

Do you agree that the spiritual meaning of dreams may be different from the psychoanalytic interpretation? Please share your point of view with your dreams or any questions you may have below!

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