Manifest Your Dreams Into Reality

by Janet Elaine
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Have you ever wondered why some people succeed in many areas of life, while others are not so lucky?

Some people can have good intentions, valuable skills, the right attitude, and a sincere desire to make something of themselves. Yet despite their desires, feelings, and hard work very often they don’t receive what they deserve.

It seems like success or failure is brought by chance or luck. However, many things we attract are often based on “pervasive personality characteristics” where “pervasive” is a recurring pattern of thought and behavior.

You have probably heard or read a lot about the Law of Attraction from the well-known The Secret book that tells how to manifest your dreams into reality.

According to the Law of Attraction theory, our belief system is a collection of the ideas and patterns, negative and positive, that have been ingrained into our subconscious mind after years of conditioning. It is your belief system that you act upon in everything you do in your life.

The personality characteristics that people develop within the first two decades of life, for the most part, define who they are for a lifetime. In most cases, you are what you are by the time you become an adult. Changing who and what you are becomes nearly impossible after that.

Science has confirmed that everything in the Universe, including you, is pure energy vibrating at different frequencies. You really can manifest everything you need and make significant improvements in your life or improve the life of your loved ones.

If you ask any inventor, or writer, or composer whether thoughts become things, certainly, they would agree that they do. It is true because human beings have the unique ability to create entire worlds out of simple things. If we can think about something, then one way or another we can turn that something into a reality.

If someone feels like something is stopping them from achieving what he needs right now, this is due to his own belief system. If that person used to think negatively about himself by constantly comparing himself to others, now is the right time to change this paradigm of self-hate and ‘not deserving’ mentality into the positive energy of love.

People can attract things into their life that match their thoughts, feelings, and actions. They can make their body lean, mean, disease-fighting machine. They can attract a perfect romantic partner, attract prosperity, wealth, good karma, and even luck.


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Positive energy will attract more positive energy and will affect our quality of life. Imagine a drop of water hitting the smooth surface of a lake, and its circles of energy running outward.

A similar effect happens with our actions, the attitudes we have, and the energies we send out into the world and the universe. We have the strength to make ripples, and depending on our mindset, they can be positive or negative ripples.

By carefully screening the words you say, you can create your reality by removing any mental blocks, old beliefs, stress, and depression, while fulfilling your soul’s purpose. When our intentions are pure, positive, directed, and free of doubt, good things will come our way.

Expanding our energies and consciousness on the core things we need from life is a pretty good idea. However, the intentions should be ethical and cause no harm to others. Otherwise, there will be a risk of creating more negative karma or personal problems in the future.

The difference between those who succeed and those who struggle is the successful know how to think and have the right beliefs. They’ve created a pattern of thinking and believe that works and they stick to it. They have the right belief system in place. Likewise, they have the right energy to attract specific situations that allow them to succeed and achieve their goals.

You can turn things around by changing the way you think, changing your beliefs, and directing your subconscious mind so you succeed and achieve your goals – just by following the simple methods used in the Law of Attraction that will be explained in future articles.

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