New Heavens and New Earth

by Janet Elaine
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Heavenly Kingdom New Heaven New Earth Jesus Christ Second Coming
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In the old days, many prophets made predictions about various apocalyptic events. The end-time prophecies included disasters or collapse of the civilization, new earth revelation, e.g. emergence of the new heavens and new earth.

The end-time revelations were expected to occur within the lifetime of the prophet who made the prediction.

The prophecies were received in a form of a prophetic vision or a message from above and expected to happen at the appointed time or season. However, the accuracy of the message could be confirmed only if the prophesied events have already occurred.

One common message the Biblical prophets had is to look forward to new heavens and new earth that will emerge someday.

Many still wonder what is going to happen to our planet as it experienced a lot of man-made damage due to greed, corruption, and wars in the past. Egyptian, Greek, and other cultures still carry a story record of a legendary ancient civilization that used to dwell on a big continent and then deluged under sea level. History will likely repeat itself in the future as the earth starts its transformation process.

All the earth’s future changes and modifications will be done according to the will of the Divine power. The Bible tells us that Earth will be cleansed or transformed by fire after the Second Coming and Judgment Day.

It was prophesied that our planet will eventually be without form and void, transforming to the same condition described in Genesis 1. The earth will become an empty land without a sea, like a desert. There will be no days, nights, or any twenty-four-hour cycle.


The End of Age World Apocalypse Final Days The Earth Destruction Transformation Dry Land Desert Cosmos Planets Universe Shift

Yet, the earth is not going to be destroyed, but rather, it will transform itself. According to the Book of Isaiah, 2 Peter, and the Book of Revelation (Rev 21:1), the new earth will be a place for redeemed humanity. God will make all things new and even better than before. Messiah is going to come back with his angels when “the light shall not be clear, or dark.”

Then, during the summer and winter, the living waters will go out from the heavenly Holy City toward the former sea and the hinder sea. During the earth’s restoration time, the rivers will be opened on the bare heights and springs in the middle of the valleys. The wilderness will become a pool of water and the dry landfills themselves with fountains of water.


Heavenly Kingdom Garden of Eden Paradise New Heaven New Earth Jesus Christ second coming

There will be a big variation of trees in the wilderness such as cedar, acacia, myrtle, olive trees, and more. There will be juniper growing in the desert with the box tree and the cypress (Isaiah 41:18-20). Eventually, the land will “lift up” and become inhabited. The men will dwell in it. There will be no more destruction of the land (Zechariah 14:6-11).

The new Earth will be a happy place to live. It will be a beautiful pristine land full of glory and beauty with cosmic time as eternity.


The Crystal City of Eternal Bliss

Heavenly Kingdom New Heaven New Earth Jesus Christ Floating City Jerusalem Cube Heaven

The Bible mentions two types of cities. The city mentioned in Rev. 20:9 refers to the earthly city, a description of which is found in the book of Ezekiel (chapter 36 to 48). The earthly city is described as a “camp of saints”, and the “beloved city” and it is not the heavenly New Jerusalem described in Rev. 21.

The New Jerusalem described in Rev. 21 is 1000 times bigger than the earthly city mentioned in Ezekiel 48 (and in Rev. 20:9). New Jerusalem of Revelation 21 is 2225 km. in height, length, and width, a city of these gigantic proportions cannot be located on Earth.

St. John’s vision in Revelation 21 describes a new Holy City coming down from Heaven. The City is a floating etheric City shaped as a 1,500-mile cube and descending like an aircraft. It will descend to Earth either temporarily or permanently.

The City retains many features of the Garden of Eden and the paradise garden, such as rivers, a wall, a square shape, and the Tree of Life. The new City measures 1.9 million square miles, roughly between the sizes of Australia and India. The City is full of light and the streets of the City are made of pure gold clear as crystal (glass) and crystal-clear jasper stone.


Heavenly Kingdom Paradise New Heavenly Floating City Jerusalem Cube Heaven

The wall that encircles the City is long and made of jasper. The foundation of the wall is engraved with all kinds of precious stones. The wall is big, high, and has twelve gates hanging from the wall with twelve angels at the gates. The twelve gates are pearls where each gate is one pearl.

The base of the City has a square shape. The four sides of the Heavenly City represent the four cardinal directions of the three gates on the East, the North, the South, and the West. The residents of the new earth will be able to enter the city through the gates without any restrictions.

The City doesn’t need the sun or the moon as it is filled with an extremely bright light shining directly from God. There is no day, night, or 24 hours cycle. The new earth and the City will be located in higher dimensions with high-energy vibrations. To exist in such high-energy fields, residents must be spiritually evolved and filled with bright light energy themselves.

The pure river of Water of Life comes out of the throne of God and the Lamb and flows down to the middle of the City’s street. On either side of the river, there is a Tree of Life that bears twelve kinds of fruit. There is a new fruit produced every month and the leaves of the tree can heal nations.

On the new earth, there will be no more sickness or death because all inhabitants are going to have new immortal glorified bodies. There will be no more stress, sadness, pain, or any type of sin.


Heavenly Kingdom Paradise New Heavenly Floating City Heaven

The spirit guides/angels are constantly reminding us through dreams and guided hypnosis that selfish creatures from realms of time and space can’t enter the unselfish glories of Paradise.

Elohim has observed that even the mightiest angel could not be trusted with Elohim-like, creative powers. He has tested His creation as He did with Adam and Eve, and the new and refined creation will dwell in paradise realms.

The new creation will be able to enjoy a state of eternal bliss. Life will be much easier as everybody is physically and morally perfect. The fellowship with others will be completely transformed.

The perfect and sinless life on the new heavens and new earth may sound boring to some, but others will be happy to exist in such a place and look forward to seeing it. Many look forward to seeing the world free of suffering, violence, and wars. The place where all things operate in perfect harmony and according to the Divine plan. Things to come will be done according to Divine justice and eternal goodness.

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Modnetics June 3, 2020 - 7:24 pm

There is a cataclysmic pole shift hypothesis suggesting that there have been geologically rapid shifts in the relative positions of the modern-day geographic locations of the poles and the axis of rotation of the Earth, creating calamities such as floods and tectonic events.


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