How To Recognize Your Twin Flame? 8 Twin Soul and Twin Flame Signs

by Janet Elaine
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Throughout our life journey, we meet a variety of people, each with their own habits, opinions, preferences, likes, and dislikes. Together we form unique bonds, friendships, relationships, memories, experiences, etc.

It’s important to recognize how each relationship with others shapes us. How through our interactions with others we gain knowledge of ourselves and others.

Twin flame love connection differs greatly from other types of relationships because in this case, two individuals can share one soul. This type of connection is typically rare, deeply spiritual, and can be the most intense and magnetic connection one will ever experience.

While the soulmate relationship has everything the couple needs to have a harmonious and blissful marriage with kids, it is different conditions for the twin flame relationship.

Not everyone can handle the challenges this connection brings, its intensity, the rollercoaster of emotions, pain from separation, and high-frequency energies that initiate the spiritual purification process of a soul that comes with this type of connection.

Both twins are catalysts for themselves and help each other not only to experience a great spiritual oneness with each other and God/Source of All, but also they both have the ability to transform each other, detach from the ego mind, learn to love each other unconditionally, grow spiritually or focus on doing some meaningful work for others.

Twin flame love energy is a powerful force coming from the high dimensions and has the ability to heal the planet and gradually transition energies into the five-dimensional reality.

But how to recognize your twin flame? Here are eight twin soul and twin flame signs that often indicate you have met your twin flame.


Sign #1: You went through a unification phase and have an intense connection that never fades

Twin flames meet to experience a spiritual oneness and a complete unification of their energy fields with each other in God/Source of All.

When twin flames meet each other and the connection is not blocked by one of the soul twins, they typically go through the so-called “Bubble Love” phase. “Bubble Love” phase – a mystical, blissful, and supernatural experience. It is always experienced by both twin flames at a divine timing and it is a major indicator that this person is your twin flame.

During the Bubble love phase, you won’t feel the normal fuzzy love feeling we usually feel in relationships with our soulmates or when we have a huge crush on someone. It is an extremely strong and intense supernatural connection.

During this phase both of the twin flames go through an active soul connection and experience a complete oneness of a soul, beautiful energy merge, unity of chakras, and a feeling of the high-dimensional God’s love that very few humans have ever experienced.

Many twin flames typically have the ability to unify (merge) their energy fields, either by physical contact or through bi-location/astral projection by using their light body (“second body”).

It is common for soul twins to feel each other’s emotions, sense each other’s presence (physical and spiritual), and constantly think about each other on a daily basis.

When twin flames have an active soul connection, it never fades or disappears. Their feelings and emotions toward each other may fade over time, but not the connection. It always stays strong and intense for the rest of their life.

If the connection faded and you no longer feel them anymore,  it’s a good sign that this person wasn’t your twin flame but your soulmate.


Sign #2: There was instant “recognition” when you met

Soul twins frequently have unexpected encounters with each other, when they don’t search for love and/or are already in a relationship.

When you meet your twin, you immediately get the strange impression that they look like someone you knew from somewhere.

As you get to know them more, they will make you feel spiritually complete, calm, and “at home”. The communication between them is usually natural and authentic.

When I first saw my twin, he was a complete stranger to me, but he appeared to know me very well. At the same time, I couldn’t help but feel something familiar about him.

I had the impression that I used to know him, but I couldn’t recall where. Later I found out we had past lives together growing up as children and we used to be inseparable. I also had a few dreams as our past life confirmation.

Many twin flames are able to recognize their divine counterpart, but the rest will remain unaware and/or unawakened.


Sign #3: Your connection is more spiritual than physical

It is very common for one twin flame to have an intuitive sense of what the other twin is feeling, doing, or thinking. They feel they can easily communicate without speaking out loud, just by glancing at each other.

When the two twins are connecting on a spiritual or physical level, e.g., hugging and kissing, it feels like time stands still and the two are “melting” into one soul. One twin feels that their soul/body is literally enveloped by the soul/body of the second twin.

If you are still in doubt about whether the person you met is your twin flame, you can always ask a spiritually gifted individual to confirm it for you. You can also pray or meditate and ask your guardian angels to show who this person is. Or you can go through a past life regression hypnosis with a reputable hypnotherapist to see if the two of you shared past lives together and have plans for this one.

Here is an example of feedback I got from a spiritually gifted individual while I was seeking personal confirmation in 2014 after my twin and I saw each other and unite spiritually:

First off, I already sensed 2 things right away. There is one particular male energy who came through to me and I feel you know him actually, as this is not a spirit or stranger that you don’t know. His energy is around you CONSTANTLY, and he actually lingers a lot on your mind and heart I feel…and you actually feel his feelings too. You can actually sense when this person thinks almost anything about you, and once you pick this up, this starts the wheels in your mind spinning.

The two of you have a past life connection is what spirit guides show me, and it is important we heal and resolve these conflicts that he still harbors in THIS lifetime. As this makes you both spiritually connected, and you are living separate lives now in this lifetime.


Twin flame pairs are interconnected and drawn to each other, even though they are two independent souls incarnated in two different bodies.

Depending on their origin, both soul twins may have the same shared Higher Self (your big multidimensional Angelic soul) or higher soul energy and spirit guides, or sometimes each soul twin has their own Higher Self and spirit guides. Each twin flame can also bond with their own soulmate if they have a pre-birth soul agreement with them.


Sign #4: You have an age gap

Twin flame pairs are roughly born at the same time on Earth. Quiet often they meet at a mature age or when they are young. In addition to being born in the same age range, it’s common for them to have a 10-year age gap. There were numerous accounts in which a female was ten years older than a male. I was around 32 years old when I first met my little soul brother, who was 22 at the time.

Astrologically there are usually no twin flame indicators that I am aware of, but sometimes twin flames can share the same element. Since twin flames have the same soul with identical energy, they both will be either fire, earth, air, or water element.


Sign #5: You get signs from above

But what takes place prior to meeting your twin? In order to prepare for the next step, both twins typically receive numerous signs from God and angels prior to the reunion. Both of you might begin to notice things like symbols, hear songs, see certain number combinations, names, certain remainders, etc.

Both twin flames are going to see these signs for spiritual guidance. Once you achieve the right path and direction, the signs typically vanish. When you need more guidance, they will return.

I was seeing three kinds of signs: recurring numbers, certain symbols, and the numbers of the Bible verses that appeared in my mind (at that time I barely touched the Bible). Additionally, I frequently observed the 11:11 number combination. It showed up on clocks, as time stamps on receipts from stores, in emails, phone calls, etc.

According to numerology, this combination of numbers is a root master number. It is associated with ascension, creation, supernatural abilities, insight, and intuition. It is a symbol of a magnetic force that brings like energies together, like twin flame energies.


Sign #6: You get profound dream appearances

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Twin flames often see the same dreams at night, or occasionally appear in each other’s dreams. Even though the dreams appear to be different, they all convey the same central message.

Your friends or your family members may start to see strange confirmation dreams about you and your twin flame.

They might see dreams about you as two little kids growing up together in a previous life or even on another planet. They might see how you were inseparable as kids and went to school together. In addition, they may also see you getting married (even though you are already married).

This type of dream is completely symbolic but has a significant meaning. The dream about marriage doesn’t necessarily mean you will marry your twin in the physical world. This type of dream informs you that your souls have met or are about to meet in spiritual realms.


Sign #7: You complement each other and have similar interests

You have probably seen couples who dress alike, enjoy the same things in life like food, music, and other activities, and finish each other’s sentences. Does it mean they are twin flames? Not at all. Most often couples with similar backgrounds are romantic soulmates who had many incarnations together that made them look almost identical.

Twin flames may share the same interests, hobbies, values, and preferences. For instance, your twin flame likely loves books or movies in your favorite genre.

Twin flames may look alike, but more often they don’t as they may have none or just a few past lives together. My twin and I look different. I don’t like tattoos, and our music preferences don’t match. However, we both enjoy sweets, wear round earrings, and the same style of skinny jeans. We share interests in a variety of other areas.

Those who are spiritually evolved may collaborate to carry out their divine mission on Earth. Most of the time, they may become teachers, healers, mentors, etc.

The remaining twin pairs don’t always work together, but they complement each other in many other things. They may share similar interests in life, work, hobby interests, and goals to fulfill their divine mission whether they are aware of it or not.


Sign #8: You deal with the runner-and-chaser dynamics

The twin flame relationship, just like in any typical relationship, can be influenced by everything: the habits, culture, and gender beliefs that are passed down from the older generations as well as the inherited behaviors. Depending on indoctrination or personal belief system, each person has their perspective.

When soul twins’ energies are unbalanced, they heavily rely on their egos and emotions. Their feelings are conditional, and they constantly remain in the “runner” and the “chaser” stage until they both undergo sufficient transformation to finally balance their energies.

The process of balancing energies involves ego dissolution, acceptance of your current situation (accepting that your twin is married for example, and has free will), emotional healing, developing healthy boundaries, developing unconditional love toward your twin flame, self-healing, and more.

Every twin flame is unique. If you are fortunate, your twin will be a person who is devoted to you, loving, spiritually mature and drama who is completely available to be your friend who supports you or a romantic partner.

Some twin flames will exercise their free will and will not be interested in a relationship. They may not like their other twin at all. They may be married and attached to their soulmates for many years. They may also have emotional, mental, or behavioral issues. They may not meet our preconceived notions of “the one.”

In addition, not all twin flame pairs have a soul contract for cohabitation and raising children together.

This type of twin flame is frequently referred to as “false twins,” “fake twins,” and so on. Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as a “fake twin”. Either the twin flame is real, or they are not your twin at all, but a romantic crush or a soulmate.

Some couples have a pre-birth soul agreement and need to practice living together. This type of twin flame is predestined to have a physical relationship to complete their soul mission.

You can meet a few couples who are both twin flames and soulmates. They are called twin soulmates and they typically had many past lives together can marry and have stable and harmonious life together.

Since my twin and I don’t have to work on any issues between us and we only had one or two past lives growing up as children, there is no need for us to live physically together after our spiritual reunion to accomplish our divine mission. Each of us is married to our soulmates but we can still be friends later in life and support each other.

The separation period is extremely painful for the chaser, but not for the runner. It is important to be patient and learn how to heal yourself and your twin from their pain.

I quickly found that the most effective relief was daily prayers and meditation that can heal all twin flame wounds and long-suffering Higher Souls. Turning to God/Source of All and tapping into His power, strength, and knowledge, will bring you feelings of understanding, happiness, balance, and wholeness.

I hope you enjoyed this article on twin soul and twin flame signs. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask in the comments section below.

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