How To Recognize Your Twin Flame? Eight Twin Soul and Twin Flame Signs

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How To Recognize Your Twin Flame, Twin Flame and Twin Soul SignsThe soul is divine essence made of pure light and love. Each soul has its purpose to fulfill, unique to each person. You become aware of your divine purpose through the gift of intuition, by listening to your soul, through prayers, etc.

During your life journey, you meet different types of people with their habits, opinions, likes, and dislikes. Together you form special connections and bonds such as friendships, relationships, memories, experiences, etc.

Twin Flame love connection differs from everything else because, in this case, two human beings can share one soul.

This type of connection is usually rare, deeply spiritual, and the most intense and magnetic connection you will ever experience.

Not every Twin can handle the intensity of love and pain that comes from the connection.

Both Twins help each other to transform, grow spiritually or focus on doing some meaningful work for others. Their Love energy is a big force that comes from God and can heal the planet.

But how to recognize your Twin Flame? Here are eight Twin Soul and Twin Flame signs that indicate you have met your Twin Flame.


Sign #1: you have an intense, almost psychic connection that never fades.

You met your Twin 20 years ago but still feel their energy around you. You can feel their emotions, sense their thoughts and think about them every day.

When Twins see each other for the first time and have a soul connection, it never fades or disappears. It stays strong and intense for the rest of their life.


Sign #2: When you met, there was instant “recognition”.

Most often Twins meet each other by accident, when they don’t look for love and/or are already in a relationship. The communication between them is usually natural and authentic.

There is an instant unexplained feeling that they look familiar and you already knew them from somewhere. The more you know them, the more they will make you spiritually feel complete, calm, and “at home”. You don’t even need a relationship to feel complete.

When I saw my Twin for the first time, he was a stranger. At the same time, I couldn’t help but feel something familiar about him. Like I used to know him before, just can’t remember from where.

The next thing I remember was some force of love turned on the magic switch and both of us were pulled in together like magnets.


Sign #3: You have an age gap.

Twin Flames are born together on Earth roughly around the same time. It is typical for the Twins to have a 10 year age gap between them. Some couples may have more of an age gap while others may have less. Usually, a female is 10 years older than the male. When I first met my little soul brother, he was 22 and I was around 32 years old.


Sign #4: You got signs from the above.

But what happens right before you meet your Twin Flame? Before the reunion, both Twins get bombarded with the signs from God and angels to get ready for the next step. You may start noticing symbols, numbers, names, songs, and the like.

Both Twins are going to see these signs that are there for guidance. The signs usually disappear once you achieve the right path and direction. They will appear again when you need more guidance.

I was getting 3 types of signs: repetitive numbers, certain symbols, and the numbers of the Bible verses that appeared in my mind.

I also saw a combination number of 11:11 a lot. It appeared on clocks, as time stamps on the store receipts, received email time stamps, phone calls timing, etc.

According to numerology, this number combination is a root master number. It associates with creation, supernatural abilities, insight, intuition, and ascension. It symbolizes a magnetic power that draws similar energies together like Twin Flame energies.


How To Recognize Your Twin Flame? Twin Flame Signs and Symptoms. Boy and girl play in nature.

Sign #5: You get profound dream appearances.

Your friends or your family may start to see strange dreams about you and your Twin. They may see you as two little kids growing up together in the other lifetime or even on the other planet. They may see how both of you went to school as kids and how you were inseparable. They may also see you getting married (even though you are already married).

These symbolic dreams have a lot of meaning and are very important. The dream about marriage doesn’t necessarily mean you will get married to your Twin in a physical. They let you know that your souls have met or are about to meet in a spiritual realm. Your Twin may also appear in your dreams very often as you spend a lot of time together in spiritual realms.


Sign #6: You complement each other and have similar interests.

Twins may look alike, but more often they don’t. My Twin and I look different. I don’t like tattoos, and our music preferences don’t match. But we both like to wear round earrings, the same type of skinny jeans and we both like sweets. We have similar interests in other various things.

Those spiritually evolved Twin couples who have overcome their issues are working together to fulfill their divine mission on Earth. They usually work as teachers, healers, mentors, etc.

The rest of the Twin couples don’t necessarily work together, but they complement each other in many other things. They may have similar interests in life, work, hobbies, and goals to fulfill their divine mission whether they are aware of it or not.

Not all couples have issues to resolve so they don’t have to meet and live physically together as a couple.

My Twin and I don’t have to work on any issues between us and there is no need for us to live together after our reunion to fulfill our divine mission.

Other Twin couples who need to practice living together as a couple may be pre-destined to have a physical relationship with each other to complete their soul mission.


Sign #7: Your connection is deeply spiritual and not physical.

Every Twin is unique. If you are lucky, your Twin will be a loving, caring, spiritually advanced, and drama-free person who is fully available to be your friend or a romantic partner.

The rest of the Twins will be taken, or not interested in a relationship. They may even have behavioral, emotional, or even mental health issues. They may not meet our expectations about “the one” that we have in our minds.

Very often, such Twins are getting labeled as “false Twin”, “fake Twin”, etc. Contrary to the popular belief, there is no such thing as a “Fake Twin”. The Twin is either real or they are not your Twin at all.

The Twin Flame couple normally connected by the light cord, share the same soul energy, share the same Higher Soul or Higher Self. You can check it psychically yourself or ask someone with spiritual abilities and gifts to double-check it for you.


Sign #8: Your relationship turns into the runner-and-chaser type.

When Twin’s energies are unbalanced, they will constantly remain in the “runner” and the “chaser” mode until they both transform enough to finally balance their energies.

My Twin and I had the runner-and-chaser dynamics at the beginning where he was the chaser and I was the runner. He somehow knew that I was his Twin and I wasn’t aware of it at all. I had zero memories and knowledge about the Twin Flames phenomenon, so he had to “wake” me up.

The separation period is extremely painful for the chaser, but not for the runner. It is important to be patient and learn how to heal yourself and your Twin from their pain. I quickly found that the most effective medicine is sincere prayers. Spend as much time with God as possible because only He can heal all your Twin Flame wounds and your long-suffering Higher Soul. Only God can make you healthy, happy, and whole again.

I hope you have enjoyed these eight Twin Soul and Twin Flame signs that will help you recognize your Twin Flame easily.

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