How To Discover Your Passion and Purpose In Life

by Janet Elaine
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How to find your career passion, how to know what your purpose in life is.
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When it comes to finding your passion and purpose in life, it looks quite challenging at first. The whole idea of figuring out your passion and purpose in life looks complicated, especially when you see a number of people who have always known what they want to do in life.

When you are not sure what your passion is, nothing ever feels right. You still have to do something to make money and force yourself to do things you do not enjoy doing.

When someone is forced to do something they do not enjoy doing, they end up wasting their energy, feeling anxious, and eventually switching to another type of work.

When we don’t follow our passion, we don’t feel happy, or fulfilled and instead, feel disconnected from our true selves.

We may feel that something important is missing. We may even develop a negative thought pattern about our life and ourselves in general, followed by feelings of anxiety and worry.

And when you do discover your passion and follow it, it is an enjoyable experience. Whether it is playing the instrument, doing computer work, flying a plane, or exploring fashion design – you are getting a new experience. Don’t let uncertainty, fear, anxiety, or apathy stop you from things that can lead you toward your passion.

Interested to find out what your passion is? I’ve compiled a list of things to help you find your strengths and talents that will help you start moving in the right direction.


1. Discover Your Talents And Life Passion Through Self-Awareness

You probably know by now what your strengths or weaknesses are. But if you are still not sure or would like to find what other hidden treasures you have, let curiosity guide you.

If you can’t figure out what you prefer to spend time on, change your schedule a little to discover new things that you will enjoy. Then use your curiosity. With curiosity, there will be an urge to explore new things that can turn into an adventure.

Think about the defining moments that happened in your life that helped you to recognize and lead you toward your strengths and talents.

  • Find at least five things that you enjoy spending the most time on. Make a list of your hobbies, activities, or tasks you enjoy doing.
  • Write an honest opinion about these things and why you give them priority. Ask yourself why you enjoy doing those activities. List the reasons behind your actions.
  • Think about your strengths and what you are proud of the most. Make a list of your strengths or talents and other things that you enjoy doing and how they can benefit others.

Once it becomes clear what you are passionate about and what you want to accomplish in life, you will feel enthusiasm with a rush of energy pushing you into action.


2. Find Your Passion Through Observation

If you don’t know what your passion is, nothing feels right. When we are expected to do work we don’t enjoy, often a feeling of anxiety sets in. However, the feelings of anxiety or stress we feel could be a sign of a change. It can be a signal from our subconscious mind that it is time to take a different direction or different approach in life.

Sometimes people are anxious when they are about to do something important to them. In this case, it is not anxiety that comes from being on the wrong path. That feeling is a sign of nervousness because you want to do your best.

If, however, you have a heavy feeling that something has just not been right for a long time, this is a clear sign you are on the wrong path. Your anxiety likely comes from a feeling of dissonance between what you want, and what you are doing and thinking.

When you feel anxious, stop and ask yourself why is this feeling there. What is the root cause of that?

Try to do various activities that you are curious about to try and see what fits your abilities the most. While doing those activities, take a moment and think about when you feel more like yourself. When did you feel less like yourself?

Are you a great problem solver? Do you like to be a performer and be the center of attention? Do you value freedom of expression, or do you prefer to follow structure and guidelines?

Write down your answers and see what fits your authentic self. Highlight common denominators that come from it and why it is important to you.

When people don’t do what they are passionate about, later in life they feel regret. They feel that something was missed or was not accomplished. Something was missed or forgotten because of fear, anxiety, insecurity or hesitation, and other obstacles.


3. Find Your Passion By Modeling Others

Discover your life passion by modeling and observing others and learning from them to get what you want most in life.

Make a list of at least three people who achieved the kind of life you want to live. Write down a list of what you like about these people by asking yourself the following questions:

  • What is it they are doing that you admire the most?
  • Why did you choose this particular type of person?
  • Why do you like their lifestyle?
  • What kind of obstacles and setbacks did they face, and how they overcame them?
  • What is their philosophy about their life and their work?

You can use this information to build your path that mirrors theirs. Turning your goals into reality is already a massive step to take. Turning to other people who already achieved success, you can learn from studying their path to success.

Remember that success doesn’t come from fate, luck, or magic. It takes many hours of hard work, a creative mindset, and surrounding yourself with the right people.


4. Manifest Your Passion Or Dream Career

Regardless of whether finding fulfilling work is your main manifestation goal, you will be happier if you can figure out what your passion is. To manifest specific things, you should have a certain type of mindset and keep particular life lessons in mind.

When you apply them to your Law of Attraction work, you are intentionally co-creating who you are and how you exist in this life. You can direct all your energy toward this goal. Your energy will be vibrating in a high and vibrant frequency that will tell the universe that you are ready and committed to a significant change.

Spend five or ten minutes visualizing your perfect day, visualize the outcome, and then write your thoughts down. Compare in what way your perfect day is different from your typical day. What can you change in your everyday activities to move closer to your perfect day?

When you begin to live in a prayerfully mindful way with conscious intention, you will see more clearly what is it you are passionate about. Implementing a habit of prayerful intention can and will reshape your life and help you find your career passion.

The prayerful intention will help you to tune in to your intuition and listen to your gut feelings. Lean into those feelings, feel what the right course is, and take inspired action.


5. Make Progress Through Continuous Creation

When you do what you enjoy, you are entering a “flow state” – a special state of mind where you enter a state of creativity. When you are expressing yourself, you are creating the reality that you like, and time just flies by. Your expression is a creative passion combined with things you enjoy doing in your daily life.

Set your intent and start working on your continuous creation. Start slow and take baby steps. Read a book, start a hobby, do research, take courses, and so on. When you are engaged in an activity, through the actions, you will understand where your joy is coming from. Clarity comes from engagement, not from thought. Create a list of activities, pick something that feels good, and engage.

As you grow, create a business plan on how you are going to approach your true passion, and then build a structure around it.

It is rare that people do everything right and succeed right at the beginning of their journey. In the real world, you have to experiment and try many times until you get great results. Put more work and time into your creation, and you will make progress and find success through continuous creation.

Once you figure out how to discover your passion or what your life passion is, just do your best work. When your creations and experiments are meaningful to you, eventually they will be your life purpose. Despite the learning curve, ups and downs, it will feel natural, it will bring a sense of calm, harmony, and balance.

The main idea behind who you truly are is your continuous creation.

The more you spend time on your passion, the more you will treat your hobby like a business by learning all the aspects of what it takes to run a successful business.

Creators are rewarded. They enjoy what they are doing when their creativity flows through them, and they enjoy their work.

Once you experience changes in your life and how they influence the world around you, you will see how you can shape your world into exactly what you want it to be. Eventually, you will manifest the resources, abundance, and right relationships that you always wanted.

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