How To Develop Your Intuition In 7 Easy Steps

by Janet Elaine
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How to develop your intuition in 7 seven easy steps
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You’ve probably heard the saying, “follow your intuition”, “go with your gut” and “listen to your inner voice”. Everyone has access to their intuition, and this is not something only a few people can do. You may think you are not intuitive enough, but it is just a matter of knowing how to develop your intuition.

Your intuition is like a muscle. The more you work on it, the stronger it gets. Getting in tune and developing your intuition is not hard at all, but it does take some time and practice.

The moment when we can tune in to that inner voice, we can solve problems with greater ease, make better decisions and live a more happy and fulfilled life.

Awakening your intuition is a huge step forward in the development of your awareness, even if your ability to listen is just beginning to emerge.

Why is it so?

Because you can use your intuition in so many ways. You can use it to receive guidance regarding your business, financial issues, relationship, family life, friends, job, traffic jam, and other things.

So how do we listen to our inner wisdom with all the external noise and internal conflict? Your intuition and happiness are very important and can improve so many areas of your life.

That’s why I want to share seven simple steps to turn up the volume on that trustworthy inner voice.


1. Be Still and Listen

Find some time and a quiet place without distractions. Clear your mind, relax and practice to stay still for at least 15 to 30 minutes. Meditation or prayer is one of the fastest, easiest, and most effective ways to tap into your inner voice. You may want to look for a padded mat, meditation chair, or cushion for more comfort.

Take the position of the observer who is watching over his thoughts and cognitive mind. When you stay quiet and carefully listen to your inner guidance, you can tap into your instincts fast.



2. Find Your Focus Point

Start by focusing on your breath. Take a few deep breaths, slowly and steadily. If you notice your mind is wandering, simply refocus your awareness on the chosen object of attention.

You can choose to concentrate on yourself and your feelings or tap into divine wisdom instead. By focusing on yourself and your feelings, you may tap into your ego and critical thinking of the cognitive mind instead of intuition.

To tap into your intuition, focus and connect to the higher wisdom such as divine energy or God’s Holy Spirit. Divine wisdom speaks to our spirit all the time in different ways, so learn to recognize it.


3. Ask a Question

Think about what you want to know right now, then ask a question that you’d like to address in your mind. Ask for information with your thoughts and with your intend.

Start with very broad, open-ended questions and then move on to slightly more specific questions once things are getting more clear.

Here are a few examples of the broad questions:

What should I do about this particular situation/scenario?
Where should I focus my attention on this particular situation/scenario?
What step should I take in order to move forward in this situation? 

If you want to receive intuitive guidance for the events in the future, you can ask more specific questions such as:

Who is the next person who will call?
How the salesperson is going to look at that store?
Who do I meet today?
Who is at the door?
What movies are showing tonight? 

If your mind gets distracted, then you’ve caught your ego attempting to take over the conversation. Try to refocus your awareness back to listening mode.


4. Tune In and Listen

Take a moment now and allow that inner wisdom to emerge. Let it know you are ready and willing to listen. Wait and see what happens. Become an observer and notice any messages that appear in your mind’s eyes.

Do not force any visions or messages to appear, but simply wait and allow it to happen until you will notice something.

At first, you might not be able to use your intuition correctly, but with time and practice, you will develop your ability to listen to that inner guidance.

Learn to recognize divine wisdom. God’s Holy Spirit speaks softly in promptings and it can be easily missed if you are never still enough to receive them. As time passes, these promptings will become more and more recognizable.

But how to tell if these answers came directly from divine wisdom and intuition, and not from the person’s mind? At first, it will be hard to see where the intuitive messages came from. Eventually, we are going to get confirmation from other people, events, or experiences.

Take note of where and when you felt this particular hunch or instinct. Did your mind try to talk and suppress your intuitive feelings or did you feel the intuitive messages loud and clear?

Remember this receptive state of your conscious mind and learn to get into it more often. Let your intuition speak up more often when you are open and listening.


5. Wait For An Answer

Answers might come in a variety of ways. They can appear not as a voice in the head, but as a gentle feeling, energy, image, or emotion. The important thing is to identify the way your intuition speaks to you.

Learn to listen to it without judgment or analysis. Very often, the first image or the thought we get is the right one. Then our mind starts to wonder and creates its own messages or images making it difficult to choose the correct answer. But be patient.

Many people suggest writing down any messages on a piece of paper. At first, the answers usually don’t make much sense but then things begin to shift and words can take shape in a meaningful way.

By writing down all your thoughts, predictions, hunches, and events it will be easier to analyze and predict events before they happen.

If later you can confirm your thoughts and feelings, take note of it. Even if you are wrong, mark it as well. This way you can figure out which predictions came true and which didn’t and how genuine an intuitive message “feels” like.

6. Be Patient

This decision-making process gets much easier with time and practice. Don’t worry if the answer is not coming to you at the moment. It will appear later during the day or even in a dream the next morning.

Just be patient, keep your mind and heart open, and you’ll begin to experience some truly impressive intuitive miracles. With more experience, you will learn to listen and trust your intuition. Simply allow it to guide you through the simple and then more complex things in your life.


7. Practice Daily

Developing intuition and psychic abilities girl on the bike

Practice developing your intuition daily and make it a fun game. See how many small things you are able to predict such as the type of clothes people wear or who you will meet first on your way to work.

When you have to make one or more decisions, make the best choice with the information you have and what you feel is best, and then start moving.

If your selection feels right to you and you feel good as you are making the next step, then you have made the right decision. If you feel worried or heavy about your choice, this decision may not be good for you. There will be more clarity as you move forward.

The more you tap into divine wisdom, the more it will transform you, as the Holy Spirit is a spirit of transformation. When your intuition kicks in, you may notice that you’re having problems with some of your old activities or paths you took in the past. You may feel that you need to change your diet or even your lifestyle.

Eventually, you will learn to tell the difference between your cognitive mind and divine revelation. While you develop your intuition, you will start to feel the difference, that cannot be described with words.

With time, you will see more proof that your intuition is correct and you will learn to use it freely in your life.

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