5 Easy Steps To Create Your Own Affirmations

by Janet Elaine
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An affirmation is a positive statement or a thought that is being repeated frequently in the mind or out loud. Affirmations are helpful in reshaping the beliefs and emotions that are not in tune with your true goals. For many people, affirmations are really helpful to stay focused and centered on whatever goal they are trying to achieve.

Affirmations are also helpful to establish a connection with the subconscious mind. By repeating these words frequently and constantly, they can transform their consciousness in a positive way.

When we recite statements like “I reached my goal” or “I am healthy”, our subconscious mind then accepts these statements and incorporates them into our reality.

Affirmations remind your subconscious mind to keep your focus on your goals and think of ways to overcome challenges and obstacles.

They can also raise the vibrations of happiness, appreciation, gratitude, and joy, which will, thanks to the law of attraction, attract individuals, resources, and opportunities to you to assist you in achieving your objectives.

It is essential to design the right kind of affirmations that can empower and inspire. Use these five easy steps to create your own affirmations.


Step 1: Identify Negative Thoughts

Determine the circumstances in your life in which you would like to alter your habit of negative thinking. Think about what you’re trying to achieve, and then think about the beliefs that might be stopping you from manifesting the things you need.

Are you being skeptical, critical, or fearful of certain things you do? Do you hold negative beliefs from your previous experiences? Write down a few negative statements that you hold in your thoughts often, and create your own affirmations based on the negative beliefs you may have.


Step 2: Replace Negative Thoughts With Positive

In order to change your negative thoughts into positive ones, use words that encourage you and then concentrate on your strengths rather than on your perceived weaknesses.

Make a short affirmation of one to two meaningful positive statements as your affirmation. When you are expressing your affirmation, you should avoid using words like “must,” “will,” “should,” “might,” or “not.”

Instead of saying “I will achieve my goals”, you can say “I can easily achieve my goals.” Positive and succinct affirmations are easier to remember and might even have a bigger effect.

Use the present tense when creating your affirmations. Broad statements such as “I am willing to..”,“I am open to …”, “I am getting closer to …”, or “I have the ability to …” will sound more natural and achievable. The more you feel positive emotions when you are saying your affirmation, the better outcome you will get.

Keep in mind that even small changes in wording can have a big difference in the results you get. Take a few minutes to improve your affirmation sentences, as your words have the power to create your circumstances.


Step 3: Keep It Real

Many people like affirmations because they’re a simple way to focus on their resilience and emotional strength. However, some affirmations can be overly optimistic or unbelievable. For affirmations to work, they need to be realistic and authentic.

To affirm something means simply declaring that it is true. Sometimes people create affirmations about something they think they want, only later to realize it was not what they truly needed. Or they create affirmations that didn’t work at all, no matter how hard they tried.

Instead of creating affirmations that are far from your reality, create affirmations that feel real and in line with your words and emotions. Otherwise, it will be difficult to connect with the affirmation’s message.

Instead of repeating affirmations that feel unrealistic, acknowledge your struggle and think about how you want to cope with your emotions.

The main goal of making affirmations is to make affirming, self-empowering, and uplifting statements about ourselves to boost our self-esteem and bring emotional stability.


Step 4: Practice Daily

Affirmation practice needs dedication and commitment. LOA practitioners recommend saying affirmations for 5 – 10 minutes early morning and for 5–10 minutes at night for a minimum of 40 days to achieve maximum benefit.

While repeating your affirmation, you should retain your focus on your intention and remain active and present mentally.

Make sure your mind is focused. If you notice your mind is not focused, lead it back to focus. Your energy combined with the feelings of love and intention is the key to successful manifestation.

Repeat your affirmations when you are feeling down, have negative self-talk, or when are in a stressful situation. Positive and more productive affirmations help to replace negative thinking and become the automatic thoughts that will guide and support you.

The easiest way to remember about affirmation practice is to create a notification on your device or add a sticky note to your desk.


Step 5: Take Action

Create your own affirmations as a person who takes action. In the Law of Attraction, taking action is an important step that brings new people, events, and opportunities into your life.

When you experience an uptick in your emotional energy, that means you have a powerful affirmation. The emotional energy will inspire you to take action.

You don’t have to take big actions to make a difference. Taking an action is simply doing things that aligned with the thoughts you think, the words you speak, and the feelings you have about your desired goal. Most of the time, starting with a small action is typically sufficient to set the manifestation wheels in motion.

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