Benefits Of The Law of Attraction Affirmations

by Janet Elaine
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Benefits of Law of Attraction Affirmations
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Practicing the Law of Attraction affirmations in conjunction with positive psychology can be a great tool for emotional support and encouragement. Affirmations help you to positively change your thoughts and help to reprogram your subconscious mind.

In some cases, affirmations can even help those who suffer from some form of anxiety, depression, agoraphobia, or any type of emotional distress such as anorexia or bulimia.

Naysayers brush off the whole concept, saying affirmations are just temporary words that serve no purpose. Affirmations, in their opinion, are nothing more than a beautiful lie that people tell themselves to feel better and ignore the real issue at hand.

The truth is, the words of affirmations don’t have to reflect your reality or be the words of truth. The primary purpose of saying affirmations is only to remind your subconscious mind to keep your attention on your goals and find ways to overcome challenges and obstacles.

Positive words create a positive way of thinking. From this uplifting state of mind, you will find the strength to sort out and resolve any problems of yours and update your external reality to match the internal.

Do not use affirmations as a thoughtless belief to get the desired effect in emergency situations. For example, if you have a case of appendicitis, saying the words “I am healthy” is not going to treat it. In this case, you should receive appropriate health care.

Affirmations can be greatly beneficial in helping us to feel uplifted. They inspire us to action. The affirmations remind us of all the great things in the world. The positive quotes help us to learn from the wisdom of the many great individuals that have lived before us.

Below you will find a few affirmation tips to help you feel better.


Focus On The Positive

Everything that we experience with our five physical senses is conveyed through vibrations. Your thoughts are vibrations. All your emotions are vibrations where “unconditional love” is the highest and most complex of the emotional vibrations and ‘hate’ is the densest and low-vibrational emotion.

When it comes to achieving your goals, you need to learn how to take affirmative action and use positive affirmations to shift it toward the life you need to have.

When you are ready to change your thought pattern and vibration, send your intention and energy vibes to the universe. Open your mind to the possibility of positive change and miracles.


Practice Repetition

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Affirmation practitioners recommend practicing affirmations on a daily basis for approximately 5 – 10 minutes. During the practice, you allow the energy of positivity to flow into your body. However, do not force the affirmations or put any type of pressure while practicing.

The main point of affirmations is to feel good about your own words and thoughts. It’s all about feelings and energy. The energy of positivity and truth helps you to align with the particular reality scenario you wish to attract.

Affirmations are especially good for people with low self-esteem issues who are convinced that they are not worthy or have fear to try things they want. Usually, they accept their own negative thinking as a concrete fact, even if it is not true.

Instead of telling yourself a negative story, use affirmations to tell yourself a better, more positive one. Repetition is important since it will reinforce how you want to feel.

You can re-word affirmations, making them close to reality and more powerful. For example, instead of using the affirmation “I am very good at public speaking and giving presentations”, you can use “I am in the process of improving my public speaking skills.” In addition, use memories of positive experiences to boost the positivity of your affirmations.


Don’t Get Too Attached To Your Desires

Very often, people get so obsessed with their dreams that they develop an emotional attachment to the objects of their desire. They start to overthink everything, change their mind often, and eventually may have a hard time manifesting things they need. They create an energy of obsession or addiction, which is low-vibrational energy. Because like attracts like, low-vibrational energies usually don’t attract desired positive results.

All physical things in the world are just tools that serve their purpose. For example, money is a resource that gets people other things, and a car is just an object that carries people to desired destinations. If you need a certain material thing to appear in your life, don’t get obsessed with it. Instead, think about its purpose and how it will serve you.

In addition, don’t overthink how you are going to get it. Practice affirmations daily, believe in your words, and then let the mental image go.


Have Faith

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Many things depend on your own belief system, as you will manifest them accordingly to your beliefs. For example, if you used to think negatively about yourself and constantly compare yourself to others, now is the right time to change this paradigm of self-hate and ‘not deserving’ mentality into the positive energy of love.

If you have complete confidence in a positive outcome, it will manifest. Once you really believe you can achieve something, then you will be guided on the correct path to receiving it. The manifestation process does take time and concentration.

After practicing your law of attraction affirmations daily, you will notice some changes in your daily life. It will shift your mind into a more productive and positive reality, allowing your everyday life to take a similar route. Your subconscious mind will operate on a different frequency, a different vibration, and a different wavelength.

By saying positive affirmations over and over again, you will create some immediate feel-good thoughts that help you to shift into a new reality. Where our minds go, our reality follows.

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