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The Fifth Dimension And New Reality

New earth fifth dimension
There is a lot of information coming from the different sources about the upcoming global changes and the 5th dimension spiritual awakening. According to the ancient prophesies, our planet is going to shift to a whole new level of reality filled with love, unity, wisdom, and peace. This reality is often called “New Earth” where the inhabitants will live as immortal beings. There will be a lot of change and things like violence, destruction, sin, sickness or death will end.

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New Heavens and New Earth

Heavenly Kingdom New Heaven New Earth Jesus Christ Second Coming intuguide.comIn the old days, many prophets made predictions of various apocalyptic events. The end-time predictions included disasters or collapse of the civilization and expected to occur within the lifetime of the prophet who made the prediction.

The prophesies were received in a form of prophetic vision or a message from above and expected to happen at the appointed time or a season.

The Second Coming

The Second Coming of Jesus, Rapture event, Thunder and lightning,
Many believers are waiting for Jesus' return and his second coming. Some people even have false assumptions that this event was already happened and missed somehow. Others assume that Jesus will be born as a baby again in an old fashioned way or that he is sitting somewhere in secret chambers.


The End of the Age Cycle and Universal Timing

The End of The Age Cycle

Back in 2011, there was a wave of random information from various sites and blogs about an upcoming global awakening. Various articles emphasized not only the Earth’s physical transformation but a transformation of human conciseness as well.